When is a Big Brother twist not a Big Brother twist?

2013-07-31_0211Two more housemates entered theĀ Big Brother compound last night, 24 year old Drew and 22 year old Jade, both under instructions fromĀ Big Brother to assume the role of a married couple.

From the footage we saw in last night’s episode it seems the other housemates are already wise to the shenanigans. They seem like a cute couple (further reiterating the 20-something dominated household) but I don’t really buy this as one of the two “twists” that Nine teased us with.

It’s really just a challenge, similar to many others that we’ve seen across the years.

And it’s a long way short of the supposed biggest stunt seen in the 12 years of the house (or words to that effect…..).

I still remember the twin Logans as TV gold, watching a kind of sitcom of mistaken identity take place across the 2005 season.

Farmer Dave coming out in 2006 was another highlight, the same year Michael McCoy was an “insider” doing deeds for BB. Then there was that hideous White Room in 2007. Or the year the housemates were told there was no prize money.

Heck even last year’s fake housemates in another house strikes me as more of a twist than a faux-married couple. It looks like lasting as long as Miriam’s entry in 2004, spotted by Fitzy the minute she walked through the door. “I’ll give you the hot tip, that’s a bloke,” he whispered. Good one, Fryzie.

The half-way house and safe-house division is a good start towards instant conflict, even if it’s a variation on what TEN did in 2003.

This season has added more cultural diversity, but there is a surprising number of models / actors / media faces in the mix for the show that last year told us it was banning attention-seekers and party animals. There are two girls coming who look like they are straight out of The Shire.

The launch numbers for Monday night were ok at 1.3m viewers but there’s a long way to go and after 9 seasons and 1 celebrity version it’s fair to say we expect a lot from this franchise.


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