Sam Armytage lifts Sunrise

Since Sam Armytage became permanent co-host on Sunrise, they've been getting some bumper numbers.

2013-08-21_2052The media was very quick to claim Sunrise‘s numbers had dropped by 40,000 when Samantha Armytage filled in during Melissa Doyle’s holidays.

So where are the articles on the ratings since she became a permanent co-host?

It’s giving the show some of its best numbers, with several days over 400,000 viewers. Over the same period, Today‘s best has been 351,000.

The biggest gap came last Monday with 80,000 between the two shows.

It’s still early days, and maybe Sunrise is enjoying an Armytage-led honeymoon, but them’s impressive numbers for breakfast television.

Monday Aug 12
Sunrise: 364,000
Today: 338,000

Tuesday Aug 13
Sunrise: 407,000
Today: 345,000

Wednesday Aug 14
Sunrise: 391,000
Today: 341,000

Thursday Aug 15
Sunrise: 403,000
Today: 351,000

Friday Aug 16
Sunrise: 373,000
Today: 333,000

Monday Aug 19
Sunrise: 405,000
Today: 325,000

Tuesday Aug 20
Sunrise: 390,000
Today: 332,000

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  1. Love samantha and natalie on sunrise , And that new weather lady think she is fantastic . Sam has added that extra spark to the show. Dnt mind kochie at least he is wearing a tie now.. Never been a fan of today show.. That ugly set they have its so old school in their studio.for meToday is more breakfast for boofheads with karl and ben fordham.

  2. I enjoy watching Samanthat Armytage when i get the chance to see her. I find her intelligent and Sexy, which is what i look for in a woman, and i am sure Sunrise’s male viewers would have increased since she has been on.

  3. @joey69 – actually, Today can lay claim to being the first, although fairly tenuously. In 1969 Nine launched a show called Today from 7AM – 9AM. It lasted less than a year. The following year Seven launched a show called Seven Today which lasted two years. Good Morning Australia on TEN didn’t start until 1982 by which time Nine had already relaunched Today (or The National Today Show) which was originally going to be called Good Morning Australia before TEN got in first and pinched the name.

  4. Of course many socialites and many of Mr Abbott and Co’s right wing followers will switch to watch one of their own, after she has briefly joined Sunrise and Network 7’s stable of other right wingers, and especially when Ms Armytage looks like a younger version of network 7’s stable leader Ms Prue McSween.
    Whilst there was nothing wrong with Mr unbiased David Koch showing his true colours in the soften up Mr Joe Hockey Sunday Night interview, but was is wrong when Mr unbiased David Koch plays the so called devils advocate whenever Mr Joe Hockey appears on Sunrise, and from now on should exclude himself from such charades in the future, but sadly it seems there are few on Sunrise at present who can claim to be completely impartial, who could replace either him or her.

  5. Great to see positive spin.
    David you seem to cop criticism from time to time for being biased. However these types of articles show your worth.
    Frankly I don’t care who rates better in Breakfast TV as I don’t like either what 9 and 7 serve up.

    But the fact that you are highlighting that there is an increase in ratings and are reporting this, whereas other media only state the negative, thanks.

  6. If they got rid of Mr Know-It-All their figures would rise as much again. That won’t happen just yet though, he has to fulfil his not-very-hidden agenda to get Tony Abbott into the lodge.

  7. All those articles in the media have been great publicity for Sunrise. People will also tune in to see if there is any tension or whatever.
    Anyway good luck to them but still watch Today.

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