Hamish MacDonald quits TEN

TEN presenter announces his departure after 3 years with the network.

hamcdHamish MacDonald has announced via Twitter he is leaving TEN.

MacDonald joined TEN in November 2010 as a former Al Jazeera correspondent.

During his time with the network he has worked on TEN News, The Project, fronted The Truth Is and TEN Late News.



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  1. Ten made (another) mistake of putting Hamish into the anchor chair when his absolute talent was high end investigative journalism.

    Good luck Hamish – hopefully your next employer has the good sense to utilise your core strengths.

  2. He possibly got as tired of being in the program shuffling….as we viewers are of trying to watch the constant shuffling around…
    And he is a journalist…not just a nice look for the news desk.

  3. I have been growing less fond of him, his interviewing style of asking a question, then speaking over the answer with his own thought was frustrating and egotistical.
    Ten invested a lot in him so this will be a loss for them. I really like Matt Doran so now he can should be able to enter the spotlight more.

  4. He was a bad fit for 10, he’s far to accomplished a reporter to fit in at the wasteland that is commercial current affairs in this country. I am sure he will do well wherever he ends up next.

  5. The fact is he is too experienced and to high profile for any Australian Network to have. No Australian Network can afford to give him the projects a guy of his talent is capable of doing. It’s sad but he is better being based out of Australia on the world market.

  6. Will be interesting to see who Ten get to anchor the Late News now.

    Matt Doran was perfect but he’ll be tied up with the Morning News in the coming months so the network will probably need to look elsewhere.

  7. Smart move – his career wasn’t going anywhere. I never really understood why he was at Ten in the first place, and they never made particularly good use of him as a personality.

    Hopefully he’ll follow in Anna Coren’s footsteps and go onto bigger and better things overseas.

  8. He never seemed that permanent anyway. They set him as host of late news, but he was rarely there from what I hear. The Truth Is was interesting, but a very short run and not a great deal of viewers. That is the kind of show which belongs on ABC or SBS, Ten is not the non David Attenborough type doco channel. I have not seen him on The Project for some time, although I do not watch it nightly. Hope he gets a better role with more onscreen time.

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