Returning: Supernatural, American Horror Story.

2013-09-28_1902Two spooky series are returning to ELEVEN soon.

Supernatural season 9 and American Horror Story: Coven will both premiere on Monday October 14th. These will air within 5 and 4 days of the US, respectively.

Supernatural screens at 8:30pm with American Horror Story at 9:30 pm.

American Horror Story “Bitchcraft”
In the season premiere, a young girl, Zoe, is whisked away to a mysterious school in New Orleans after it is discovered that she
possesses a strange genetic affliction tracing back to the dark days of Salem.

Bit surprised AHS hasn’t been scheduled on TEN where Blue Bloods, formerly on ONE, is currently scheduled. Only one of these has Emmy buzz…


  1. Armchair Analyst

    Cant wait for this season. i know that i havent been keeping up with this show but it has grown on me. I didnt really like the second season Asylum, but Coven and the first season was good Coven is set to do the same. Its a huge pitty that we cant find this type of storytelling here in australia.

  2. I don’t get how anyone can miss out on it, 11 is only one channel up from 10. how hard is it to press channel up on your remote?! just be lucky it’s not on One, you’d feel really lost then!

  3. @ Mr J

    They took it on and off because of Supernatural. Although at the end because of complaints they didn’t do that. However I still think it appropriate to a secondary channel. And it would of been a better experience on Eleven than Ten.

    Re: Eleven

    If it is permitted the reason I’m not completely looking forward to Supernatural is the recent changes made to the channel. Because earlier in the year I would of felt that way. It might be a nicer place but it isn’t as good as it was. I hope I’m allowed to make that clear. Because I don’t want there to be a false impression.

  4. @DaveM, @A.
    season 2 of AHS was on 11 and was randomly taken off air for a few weeks, with only a few eps to go in place of Paranormal Activity movies. the channel it’s on doesn’t make any difference to how it is treated.

    people say ‘cult audience’ as if it is something that ten shouldn’t want, why? when viewers desert a network in droves it is the cult show audiences that remain, its exactly what ten needs. if the show gets 200k at 9:40 it would be an improvement.

  5. I’m semi-looking forward to Supernatural. I agree with those that think American Horror Story is better off on Eleven. Based on its treatment and it being as I stated previously currently a nicer place. Plus I also agree the content of the show means it should be on a secondary channel rather than the main one. Although I’ve only seen the first episode of the first season and the teaser of the first episode of the second. It was enough to tell it is played where it should be at a time it should be on. So excellent as well as appropriate thinking and action there.

  6. Ten needs to ensure Homeland doesn’t run overtime and therefore overlap with the start of AHS, which would really really annoy those who are fans of both shows. Too much to ask?

  7. Surely AHS would do better than the sub 200k figures a lot of the main channel 9:30 content is getting. Especially if they use some of those US promos. It’s wasted on 11, no one will know where it is.

  8. Yes, I agree, it’s a missed opportunity for Ten with AHS.

    Eleven is so juvenile with its station ID’s and voiceovers — a stark contrast to the sophistication and elegance of AHS.

  9. No reason for Ten to buy AHS off Eleven. AHS won’t pair well with Homeland. AHS is a cult show and running S3 on Ten at 9:30pm won’t generate better ratings than Blood Bloods. It’s a better pairing with Supernatural and to flank Seven and Nine from there.

    The properties of digital TV hardware mean that I will record Homeland, Supernatural, AHS and watch The Black List. And catch the TBBT and Rizzoli & Isles later.

    Life was so much simpler when you just watched your favourite show at 8:30pm on Monday night, switched over to a show at 9:30pm on another network, recorded something on the VCR ignored everything else.

  10. Excellent! I for one am glad that AHS isn’t on TEN. At least we know that it will be on at the same time and same day for it’s full run on ELEVEN and not being shunted around willy-nilly on the “Main” channel…

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