Is Body of Proof getting a lifeline?

2013-08-26_1151Dana Delany’s Body of Proof, currently screening on Seven, was axed in the US back in May after 3 seasons.

But now there are reports emerging that it could be on the way back -not unheard of, in TV land.

Deadline reports discussions started at the beginning of the season, with ABC expected to make a decision whether to move on with the revival, likely for midseason, within the next month.

However as Body of Proof’s cast, writers and crew have all moved on (showrunner Evan Katz is executive producing FOX’s 24: Live Another Day), there is a lot of work to be done to re-assemble a team and bring back Dana Delany for midseason.

The decision also hinges on the network finalising just how many of its new series would stay on beyond the US fall season.

If it comes back, Body Of Proof will mirror the resurrection of another broadcast procedural with a female lead, CBS’ Unforgettable, which too was cancelled by CBS despite decent ratings but picked up for a summer run.


  1. That’s what I was thinking Pertinax. Surely only Delaney is really needed to return? Maybe with a guest appearance by Jeri Ryan to wrap up her story if she is unavailable long term. Lots of writers, actors and technical crew would jump at the chance for some work.

  2. This season networks have more failures than midseason replacements and even than new shows they are planning for next fall.

    They are giving back-orders to shows that aren’t expected to be renewed and renewing shows early once they realised they were their best option.

    So something like Body of Proof that wasn’t doing well enough before is now attractive. It’s a low budget procedural based around one main character so as long as Delany wants to do it it should be possible.

  3. Unforgettable was renewed before the cast and crew’s contracts had expired. The Body of Proof team are no longer contracted to the show, making a revival more complicated. The 18-49 ratings were not great, but were significantly better than recent US flops such as Betrayal, Lucky 7 and Once Wonderland.

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