Rumour: The Big Adventure

2013-09-30_2104TV Tonight hears whispers that Seven is casting for a new Reality series The Big Adventure.

Applicants who have previously applied for The Amazing Race Australia have been invited to apply for “Adventure, Competition and Travel” as well as a “Big Cash Prize.”

But this time the show will draw upon individual contestants rather than pairs.

Applications ask such questions as “three words to describe yourself, how would your friends describe you, weaknesses, strengths, why would you like to be on TV, what is weird about you” and “how do you blow off steam?”

They also asked for a link to their Facebook, a scan of their passport, and a current photo.

It’s not clear whether the show is produced by Seven or another production company, but activeTV which produced The Amazing Race Australia, is understood not to be involved.

Applications hosted privately by close in November.


  1. Finally..details about this show have emerged.
    Auditions are here…..
    it was advertised on Sunrise today.

  2. Anyone “Googling” this show will fin almost nothing, this tells me it is a fake name used as a working title. If I was to guess I would say the contestants on this show will merge or participate on the Amazing Race as individuals meaning the whole “The Big Adventure” scene is just being used to cover up the real intent…… run the Amazing race with couples and individuals!

  3. Oh for the love of god. Bring back the Amazing Race already…it didn’t do so well in Season 2 due to the erractic scheduling, give it another chance. This just sounds like a cheap version of it!

  4. Why don’t they just bring back The Amazing Race? Its a much better quality show and why does Seven need to rip off its own franchise so to speak. Its stupid.

  5. A globetrotting (or perhaps Asian based) version of The Mole would be interesting, and probably vastly cheaper than TARAu while still capturing part of what makes TAR such an awesome format.

    I’m just praying that Seven doesn’t try to strip it across multiple nights. Either run it once per week or produce enough content to fill every episode.

  6. Would rather TARA…

    @Mr. J – People do need to get over it, I agree, and if Seven aren’t going to bring it back, fine. However, don’t try and emulate the same on the cheap which is essentially what this is.

    If you’re going to do it, do it right. Otherwise, don’t bother at all.

  7. C’mon 7 why are you doing this to us again? Clearly the Mole flopped and with a silly cheapo version of the Amazing Race the same will happen again. Bring back the Amazing Race Australia! Also, when are 7 going to fast track the Amazing Race 23?

  8. Until I read the ‘individual’ aspect of the show, I figured it was secret casting for TARAU.

    The Big Adventure sounds like a terrible name though – my guess is that this is a code name for a different show they’re trying to keep under wraps. Anyone know of any international formats where contestants travel and compete individually?

  9. Terrible title, but sounds like I should be a good break from the cooking/singing/ Reno shows.
    People need to get over TARAu it’s not coming back, way too expensive for a small cult audience.

    @jezza, yeah, how dare they find stuff out about someone before they employ them.

  10. jezza the first original one

    I know this is the “reality” genre, but it aint very real when they want to know so much about you, before you are “cast” in the show…

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