JFK doco lifts SBS on quiet Sunday

Ratings: SBS' JFK doco performs well and Australia's Got Talent pips Dancing with the Stars ...just.

2013-11-04_0952Sunday proved to be a low-rating night but it worked in favour of SBS with JFK: The Smoking Gun pulling out a big 559,000 viewers.

The World Premiere doco helped SBS attain a network share of 8.1% for the night.

But Seven network remained in front at 30.9% then Nine 28.2%, TEN 17.0% and ABC 15.7%.

Seven News was 1.1m for Seven then Dancing with the Stars (1.04m), Sunday Night (995,000), Bones (599,000) and Castle (302,000).

Australia’s Got Talent managed to pip Dancing with the Stars (just) at 1.07m for Nine, then Nine News (1.02m), 60 Minutes (934,000) and Movie: The Ides of March (315,000). RBT was 261,000 in 4 cities.

Elementary was 615,000 on TEN followed by Modern Family (556,000 / 494,000), David Attenborough’s Natural Curiosities (472,000), The Graham Norton Show (431,000), TEN Eyewitness News (407,000), the premiere of Have You Been Paying Attention? was just 301,000 and The Simpsons was 294,000.

ABC News (886,000) was best for ABC1, The Search for the Ocean’s Super Predator (878,000), Luther (448,000), Compass (369,000) and Midsomer Murders (247,000).

Following JFK for SBS ONE was Roman Homicides (256,000),  World News Australia (203,000) and Ewan McGregor: Cold Chain Mission (100,000).

GO!’s Shrek 2 movie led multichannels with 256,000.

Insiders: 172,000 / 101,000 / 54,000
The Bolt Report:  134,00 / 91,000

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 3 November 2013

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  1. I’ll just admit I saw an ad or more on Eleven for Are You Paying Attention?

    As for the JFK documentary. I found what it presented to be interesting and plausible. When I was younger I watched the JFK film. It got me to respect Gary Oldman. I got swept up in conspiracy theories. But much later on I realised the one problem with them. Which is they never named any names. Nor added up. It just seemed to be a feeling. This was different. It actually named names for one. Plus explained itself sensibly. If true then it was a tragic accident as well as an assassination attempt.

  2. I hope those numbers don’t encourage SBS to commission or acquire more JFK programming. Last night’s program might have had a different angle, but JFK docos have been done-to-death! Pardon the pun…

  3. I quite enjoyed HYBPA, but I am a staunch Working Dog supporter, so for me they can normally do no wrong.

    I also watched the JFK doco and found it to be very well made without lots of cheesy re-enactments. The theory presented was sound, and I would very much love to hear a counter point to the theory presented.

  4. Have you been Paying attention was Great. I think once its settles in it’ll be a real winner.

    As Matt F said, a low budget show…. Because they’ve used exactly the sat from Are you smarter than a Fifth Grader :0

  5. Great episode of Sunday Night last night. Chris Bath’s segment on her father’s stroke was very good indeed. My father had a major stroke in very similar circumstances to Chris’s dad, so I understand her feelings of guilt and self-reproach. Well done to all concerned.

    Loving DWTS this season, great contestants and the new judging panel are sparking on all cylinders. Love Kim and Adam!!! I would be very surprised if Nine persist with AGT. Those ratings are simply not good enough for a grand final episode. Like Australian Idol, It looks like it has had its day.

  6. @ savebueller-‘I didn’t see a single ad for Have You Been Paying Attention?’
    Maybe you weren’t watching TEN…I saw lots of ads…
    I watched some of it while waiting for F1..did not grab me…and I normally like their work…
    Looks like the shine wore off Luther..when there was something better to watch.

  7. That a very good audience for JFK:The Smoking Gun. Watching the “single bullet theory” part and couldn’t help but to think of how good Seinfeld recreation of it was in a episode
    Bad numbers for Have You Been Paying Attention?. Saw a replay of it last number and like others have to give it the thumbs up.

  8. The JFK doco was compelling viewing, it had me convinced with its conclusions.
    AGT is not delivering the ratings that Channel 9 would have wanted – does the expense justify bringing it back in 2014?

  9. DWTS ran nearly 40 mins over last night, compared to printed guides, obviously a ploy to keep viewers away from AGT.

    HYBPA was ‘encored’ at 10:30pm on Ten due to the late start of F1 last night. Smart move given a few might have tuned in early for F1, hopefully the coding reflects this

  10. Missed the first 10 mins at 7pm, but caught the encore that was on at 10:30pm. HYBPA was fantastic! It was quick, fast paced, didn’t take itself too seriously, and very funny.

    Quite a low budget show which I’m sure Channel 10 would be happy with. Just disappointed there wasn’t much promotion. But only found out through social media/word of mouth.

  11. Particularly like the bit on HYBPA where they joked about the Chinese terrorist attack that killed two people. Would have been hilarious to see what zingers they’d have come up with if it was on air at the time of the Melbourne wall collapse…

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