Long haul for Wake Up, Studio 10 as first ratings emphasise uphill battle

Wakeup_S4_279 - resizedTEN always knew it would be hard to make an impact with their new morning line-up -and they were right.

Yesterday Wake Up averaged just 52,000 viewers between 7-8:30am with more viewers watching in Brisbane (15,000) over Melbourne (13,000) and Sydney (11,000). These are similar to the kind of numbers the Paul-Henry led Breakfast attracted on a good day.

Another 29,000 watched the 6:30-7am portion which was coded separately.

Making direct comparisons is difficult due to the running times and OzTAM coding but here goes: Sunrise appeared unaffected with 368,000 and Today was 321,000 both for 7-9am. ABC News Breakfast was 59,000 / 29,000 for 6-9:30am across 2 channels.

TEN is endeavouring to put on a brave front, noting the show peaked at 89,000 and lifted the average 2013 audience in the timeslot by more than 300% -which really just underlines how appalling they did in 2012. Better to just get on with the job and take note of feedback (thanks to social media there was plenty).

Meanwhile Studio 10 averaged 61,000 from 8.30am to 10.30am while Studio 10 You dropped to 45,000 from 10:30 -11am. It too has a long way to go to impact on The Morning Show (189,000) and Mornings (135,000).

Nine network won the night with a 29.3% share then Seven 27.7%, ABC 21.2%, TEN 16.7% and SBS 5.1%.

Nine News topped the night with 1.14m viewers for Nine followed by The Big Bang Theory (1.13m / 944,000), Big Brother (992,000), A Current Affair (934,000), 2 Broke Girls (679,000), Hot Seat (600,000) and Two and a Half Men (436,000).

Seven News (1.03m) was best for Seven followed by Today Tonight (1.04m), The Blacklist (1.00m), Highway Patrol (871,000), Home and Away (868,000), Air Rescue (794,000), Million Dollar Minute (502,000) and Scandal (402,000).

Australian Story scored 864,000 for ABC1 then ABC News (833,000), 7:30 (802,000), Four Corners (718,000), Media Watch (622,000) and Q & A (584,000).

Mondays have not been kind to TEN of late. TEN Eyewitness News (603,000) was its best performer and The Project was (521,000). Once again, the rest trailed The Bold and the Beautiful (445,000) with A League of Their Own last in its slot at 326,000, Homeland on 323,000, The Simpsons on 296,000 and Blue Bloods on 224,000.

SBS ONE’s ominously titled Countdown to a Catastrophe (359,000) bettered TEN in the same timeslot. World News Australia was 180,000, Trapped in an Elevator was 134,000 and Legally Brown was 91,000.

ABC2’s The Hive (292,000) topped multichannels.

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 4 November 2013


  1. I was really hoping Wake-Up would be great but it is only ok. I will never forget the first time I watched Mel and Kochie. It was a wow moment and i never went back to Today. Wake-Up hasn’t wowed me yet.

  2. Watched a little of wake up today. It was ok but it needs work but they have non ratings period to iron out the kinks. The hosts definitely need more time to gel. Natarsha Belling is the best of them at the moment. TV is rubbish at the moment. Nothing on since channel 7 took off winners and losers mid season which I was enjoying. Gave up on homeland weeks ago. Home and away is boring at the moment and seven annoyed me with not having new episode of bones two Sundays ago. The major commercial channels have successfully annoyed a loyal tv viewer with their poor programming choices and looking forward to a summer not infront of the box.

  3. Wake Up needs to say goodbye to James & Nula, move Tash to the news desk & bring in Matt Doran with Natarsha then I might watch.
    But if they persist with the hopelessly unfunny (though he doesn’t realize it) Sam Mack then it is just The Project A.M. version & I will never watch again. He was awful today.
    Tash you are supposed to be a journalist but you act like it is a high school project. You do not throw to the weather with “hey girlfriend”
    I thought Sunrise had cornered the market on inane chatter but they look like intellectuals compared to the Wake Up team. Must be an Adam Boland thing.

  4. Wake Up needs to ditch Natasha Exelby asap. The “what’s cracking Nuala” etc is nausiating. She is totally out of her depth.

    I’ve watched the first 2 episodes of Studio 10 and have loved it. Joe a surprise packet, as is Sarah.

  5. Media analyst Steve Allen said the show would need to pull 100,000 viewers to make a go of it. Back to radio for Adam Boland. I know people need challenges but some bite off more than they can chew. Inflated ego much?

  6. Have to agree with JB (10:29 am)
    When Dana told her mum she was moving out I said to the TV (yes, I speak to the TV), just let her go, her storyline is crap anyway. Lot more tension last night but keen to get Brody back.

  7. …just wash themselves of Eleven, which has become a dumping ground for 60s-90s sitcoms. With most of these sitcoms being widely available on DVD and online, there really is no point in rebroadcasting them when there is an enormous quantity of new content available.

    Hell, if American content isn’t working, why not invest in foreign programming? SBS doesn’t do it often enough owing to their limited budget, but surely if Ten took a risk with exciting concepts from other parts of the world that it could pay off enormously. It would be the first major commercial TV station to do so, and could attract a lot of attention in this age of social media.

    If Ten reinvented themselves as the youth-oriented network that they used to be, they may redeem themselves yet. I wish them success, but it’s hard to be optimistic when they’re abandoned the very audience that have kept them afloat for…

  8. Wake Up is just a case of bad business sense. We already have two strong performing breakfast shows airing simultaneously with audiences that have had years to build.

    The problem with Ten is that they were not satisfied with their market share. ABC, SBS and Ten provided an alternative to the mass market oriented Seven/Nine. Since Ten has abandoned their original target demographic and completely tarnished their identity in the process, it’s no wonder that audiences have left in droves.

    Ten used to take risks in the industry. Now they’ve become the bastardisation of the very networks who used to follow in Ten’s innovative lead (as Seven/Nine scarcely took risks unless Ten prospered with them).

    Ten should keep One as a sport oriented channel during non-peak hours with simulcasts of premiere HD programming in primetime (e.g. Homeland, Glee, Modern Family, The Simpsons etc.) and…

  9. So glad to see ABC2 showing Louis Theroux. Most I have seen before, but it is just so interesting. I love his subtlety, his way of worming himself into peoples lives when faced with bizarre topics. And most of all I love that he does it all without pontificating or judging the issue at hand. More please.

    I would love to see Aussie TV do something along these lines – clever and edgy documentary. The only person in Australia that I could see being able to pull this off successfully would be John Saffran.


    • Would love some new Louis, but yes he is great if you have never seen him. One of my favourite interviews for TVT. ABC2’s Sabour Bradley is closer to an Aussie Louis than Safran, with the latter going for humour a little more.

  10. I thought TEN were going to reinvent morning TV!

    There was nothing new or clever about Wake Up, it was all rather stilted and pedestrian. I actually thought the Paul Henry breakfast show was a more interesting concept and at least provided a point of difference.

    I gave Wake up a go but I’m now heading straight back to Sunrise.

  11. Long way to go, but you’d think TEN’s mornings are least of their worries and you’d put the so-called wunderkind Adam Boland to use on their disastrous prime time.

    Why so much effort to chase a couple of 100k brain dead viewers in the early morning? Network prestige? Sorry, it’s 2013 and no network can actually afford indulge in such pet projects any more…

  12. Studio 10 ratings will increase very quickly as it’s engaging and funny. 100 times better than the advertorials masking as morning shows on 7 & 9. As for wake up….too many silly topics discussed and none that were very topical or newsy, like having Perth local news but they could have spent more time on the news as well as the hosts discussing the news overnight and newspapers. I was at work when it was on in a public area and having Eskimo Jo on in the background seemed too loud for background tv.

  13. jezza the first original one

    I don’t think anyone on here expected anything else from ch10s new morning shows. When they have been promoting them, they have not had an audience to pitch them to, so the numbers were always gonna be minimal. The true test will be to see how they grow over the next 3-6 months

  14. Homeland deserves those ratings, it has been terrible this season. Last night was a bit better, but i’m sick of the whole Dana story. With no Brody, his family’s story is irrelevant, and the Dana stuff has been like a teen soap.

    I think Wake Up would go a lot better without Tash Exelby. She needs to stop talking like a 14 year old gangsta…What up Nuala, what’s cracking, hit me with the news. Needs a lot of work

  15. I thought it was better today too – will be a slow build. If there’s a small gradual rise, it will work out long term. Sunrise and Today have gone all out with cash offers also…..

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