Tim wins Big Brother 2013

timjadeTim Dormer has won Big Brother 2013.

He defeated Jade for the 2013 title.

As the winner of the 2013 series, he has won $250,000 cash and extended his moment in the Reality TV spotlight.

Bad boy Tim, 29, had polarised viewers with his outrageous “puppet-master” performance, but kept the conflict in the show right until the end. He didn’t mind saying admitting he was “stirring the pot” and had always had his eye on the prize.

“It was my dream, Big Brother,” he said.

BB Jade EvictionJade Albany Pietrantonio, 22, entered the house under the guise of a fake wedding, falling in love with muscle-laden Ed, but her fans embraced her “nice girl” image. For second place she won $10,000 and a TV.

BB Tahan Eviction - 3It was a shut-the-front-door moment when Tahan Lew-Fatt, 24, was the first to be eliminated. The girl from the Top End had won a legion of fans for speaking her mind and being blunt, but it wasn’t enough to take her to the final prize. But as third place she won $5,000.

Nine’s Reality series had its Grand Final Live on the Gold Coast after 101 days in the house. Final voting was Tim 36%, Jade 34% and Tahan 30%.

Crucial to Tim’s success was Nine’s strategic choice to employ a “Vote to Save” rather than “Vote to Evict.” In August producer Alex Mavroidakis told TV Tonight, “Our most hated housemate, and our most loved housemate, won the series last year. With Vote to Save, which is the best invention in the history of BB, our bigger characters that force a reaction will stay longer. If it was Vote to Evict we would have Tim in the press room now and Ben (2012) would have been the first evictee last year.”

Before they were separated, Jade and Tim watched the annual newsreel that brought them up to speed on global events: bushfires, a royal baby, sports winners and celebrity news.

“Tony Abbott is our prime minister. America went cuckoo and Miley Cyrus split from Liam Hemsworth!” they said.

Sonia KrugerThe show kicked off with former housemates dancing on stage (what the hell were those lights about?), watched on by Tim, Tahan and Jade via a giant video screen. Sonia Kruger spoke to each of the former housemates in various trios. The biggest response from the audience was a standing ovation for Ben, who couldn’t help but get teary.

2013-11-06_2142As a measure of the show’s social media popularity, several hashtags were trending while the show was on air: #teamtim, #BBGrandFinal, #bbaufinale, #BigBrother, #Tahan, #Tim, #teamtahan.

Sonia Kruger also confirmed the show’s return for 2014.

And a special shout out to the irrepressible Mike Goldman. Still doing it after 10 seasons!

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  1. Can Sonia please start to dress her age? I know she has dancers legs but the see through dress just didn’t cut it for me.
    OK finale but Ben is the true winner for me. Nine need to get him on a show with Bert stat.

  2. The real winner of BB 2013 is ‘Just Ben from Brisbane’. He will be remembered and talked about long after we have forgotten Tim the 12y old Narcissist.

  3. Final was strung out unnecessarily and wasted valuable time on rubbish rather than key outcomes like an interview with the winner! Thankfully I could watch this on time delay and skip most of the crap.

    It was a great season and Tim did deserve to win even though he was shown up by Boog in the last few weeks to be as thin skinned as everyone else.

    Pity everyone else was going on about Jade’s career but we never heard Jade’s own career thoughts broadcast. Why is this stuff censored?

  4. Tahan was the most deserving winner there in my opinion so was unfortunate she just missed out but the finale had more focus on her than the other 2 which I was stoked with!

  5. “Contrived rubbish” is exactly what it is. I was waiting to see Hostages, originally scheduled for 9.00, then 9.40 – but at 10.00 this idiocy was still dragging on and on.

    I gave up.

  6. Now that I think about it I reckon Sonia should have come into the house and have a chat/interview with the final 3 before the winner is announced. That way they all get screentime and then they just walk down the ‘catwalk’ and go in the back where the other contestants are. I think it was silly she barely talked to Tim.

  7. I got successfully sucked in this year because I knew one of the contestants.
    I didn’t watch last year and hadn’t watched the last couple of years on Ten either.
    The producers did a great job in keeping the interest up – good challenges, good twists.
    I assume we’ll see more from people that are being scouted by talent agencies again next season?
    As for the finale, yeah, a bit strange. It’s as if they planned for a 3 hour show, then found out at 8:45pm that they were meant to finish at 9pm.
    The last hour was really poorly put together!

  8. Jade came close to winning this because of sympathy. Her fan base grew after Ed left and she was seen as the victim – wronged by that cad. Which is all very nice, but she was beige and subservient and showed no qualities fitting of a winner. Thank God we avoided a major upset.

  9. daveinprogress

    It’s so interesting to compare the winners of the BB Ch 9 versions to the early 00’s on 10. The middle of the road type winners often won; although Reggie was an exception; but she was no bad girl. Narcissists rule in this decade. Nice to see Jade prevail (just) over Tahan. I really thought Tahan would win.

  10. BB Australia usually puts on a decent show for it’s finale – but this was just dull. Glad Australia recognised a housemate that played the game (and kind of fitting he was against someone who got there just by being herself in Jade) – though the favourite winning is always an anti-climax. Would have preferred a Tahan victory.

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