What if The Addams Family had been in colour?

2013-11-13_1319_001Black and white suited The Addams Family so well. Probably more than we realised.

Recently some new colour photos emerged of the classic show, which demonstrate just how much drama was added through the black and white prism.

As you can see by these colours, it gives the show a whole candy-coloured look. Yuk!









2013-11-13_1608 b




2013-11-13_1609_001 b

Source: Buzzfeed


  1. There was also an Addams Family Movie in 1977 with the original TV cast (only missing Margaret Hamilton as Granny Hester Frump and Marie Rock as Grandmama Addams), that was in Colour.

  2. @Aussie_Austridge – The first episode of Hogan’s Heroes was also filmed in black and white and the rest of the series was in colour.

    Bonanza (1959-1973) was filmed entirely in colour because it was used to sell RCA colour televisions – the actors from the show did a lot of promotions for them. However by the mid 1960s all TV shows were in colour in the USA.

  3. Quebec you’re right. In the early 70’s the sets for Austrakian shows were usually red and blue to provide the right contrasts of grey. I remember being in the audience for Junior Moneymakers and The New Club Show, both in gaudy colours.

    Also you can search for “Adventure Island Colour Footage” on youtube and see the blue, red snd white set.

  4. sorry to tell you Aussie_Austridge, but Riptide starred Ty Hardin. Rod Taylor starred in a series called Hong Kong. Were the Munsters shot in colour?

  5. Aussie_Austridge

    TV networks in the US were reluctant to go into colour because the colour TV system in the US was developed by RCA, which owned the NBC network. CBS and ABC didn’t want to promote something which was developed by a competitor. This led to a few anomalies such as the pilot episode for Get Smart being shot in black and white while the rest was shot in colour. Also the first series of Lost In Space being in black and white while series 2&3 were in colour. Same with Gilligan’s Island. Here in Australia a few shows were shot in colour in the 1960s before colour TV was introduced here for the sole reason to sell the show overseas, the most notable being Skippy. Riptide starring Rod Taylor was also shot in colour as were Boney and Barrier Reef.

  6. Don’t they often use bright clothing and sets when filming in black and white because they make the shades and tones of the black look more effective and distinct? Either way, black and white was the best way to go for this show.

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