Returning: The Checkout

The CheckoutHit ABC consumer show The Checkout is back for an extended run, bolstered from 10 to 20 episodes this season.

It also has an expanded creative team this year with Julian Morrow, Craig Reucassel, Kirsten Drysdale and Kate Browne joined by emerging writer/performers Zoe Norton Lodge, Ben Jenkins, Scott Abbot and Richard Cooke who worked with the Chaser team on The Hamster Wheel.

Fellow Chaser team-member Chas Licciardello is also back for Series 2 to continue his many roles from Series 1, including co-creator, writer, script editor, producer, and health food and “novelty chocolate taste-tester.”

Sophia Zachariou, ABC TV’s Acting Head of Entertainment, said: “After The Hamster Decides, it’s a relief to see Julian and Craig back on the consumer affairs beat. I’d much rather see them put their energy into hassling big corporations. They can’t sue.”

Presenter and Executive Producer (for Giant Dwarf) Julian Morrow said: “If working on The Checkout has taught me anything, it’s don’t make claims you can’t live up to. So, for the record, we guarantee that Series 2 of The Checkout will… actually, no comment.”

Executive Producer Nick Murray (for Cordell Jigsaw Zapruder) said: “My decision to work with Julian and Craig on The Checkout is something that many people found strange. But it’s one that I constantly defend, in the Supreme Court of Victoria mostly.”

New segments for this season include:
The Checkout Dictionary – a consumer-friendly guide to the meaning of marketer-friendly terms like “Fresh”, “Australian Made” and many more.

Right On! – lapsed lawyer Julian Morrow takes an annoyingly detailed look at the Australian Consumer Law and how you can use it to your advantage in real-world situations.

The Catch – a quick fire segment that highlights the revealing qualifiers some products put on their packaging… like the mountain bike that is “not intended for off-road use”.

The Check Up – a look at health products and miracle cures, asking “Do they do what they say?” And answering, “No.”

The Loving Pet Owner – animal lover Zoe Norton Lodge explores the endless array of products developed especially to make pets happier, and pet-owners poorer.

8pm Thursday, 20 February ABC1.


  1. Great news …. I hope! Can they maintain the quality over 20 episodes? The Checkout and Mad as Hell were the only ABC shows that I could be bothered watching last year.

  2. Best news ever! I am so happy that they have doubled the number of episodes! Excuse me while I scream excitement into a pillow…aaaaaarrrrrggggghhhhhh…

  3. This is great news!
    The Checkout was such a great show last year, I hope that they can continue to make the show have a mix of humour ans still be very informative at the same time.
    Love love love Craig, he is by far my favourite chaser boy/man. His cute little gap tooth is so adorable.
    And now I get to watch him for 20 episodes not just 10.

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