Gone: Anh Does Iceland. Returning: Bones. Bumped: Tricked, Young Lazy & Driving Us Crazy

Seven switches up Thursdays, removing Anh Do and bringing in a new episode of Bones.

2014-02-28_1547Seven is amending its Thursday night schedule after losing three successive Thursdays to Nine.

Anh Do’s special Anh Does Iceland is now out of the schedule after his Scandinavian special pulled 630,000 and even trailed ABC1’s Janet King.

Next week it returns a new episodes of Bones to 8:30pm “The Ghost in the Killer” followed by a repeat.

As a result Tricked and Young Lazy & Driving Us Crazy are both bumped to 10:30pm / 11:30pm respectively.

Parks and Recreation is now out of Thursdays (but remains at 11:30pm Mondays).

A similar schedule follows a week later.

It’s not clear when Anh Do’s special will be rescheduled. His first travel specials rated through the roof, maybe this was just the wrong night.

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  1. I was wondering if anyone knows if the Iceland episode was ever going to be screened? Normally when they reschedule it’s just a few weeks later. It’s been awhile. If it’s not going to be aired is there anywhere to see it? Maybe on DVD or something?

  2. @thedirtydigger: Really? People have never heard of Scandinavia? I could maybe understand if it was something like Anh Does Benin, even though that’d still be more ignorant than justifiable, but Scandinavia is a fairly well-known part of the world.

  3. Ditto @ Elizabeth C…where is Greys Anatomy? Been waiting to see where seven is going to slot that in its schedule. They are off the break now is the states, so we should be getting it soon.

  4. For once other stations are doing better than 7 one night of the week. Very greedy 7 shuffling your schedule just because you’re third, three weeks in a row. Yes, where is Grey’s? That was on Thurdsdays before Christmas. They need to stop changing their schedule otherwise no one knows what 7 has to offer on Thursdays.

  5. Really what mental giant thought Anh in Scandinavia would pull a decent audience ….From a place you’ve never heard of comes a special that’ll never rate. Obviously Scandinavia tourism paid a lot of cash but really I could pick 20 countries that would at least make people want to watch. Seven bombs travel hybrid again.

  6. Such a shame Anh is fantastic! Not sure what’s happening with tv ratings etc atm, really good shows are getting not so good ratings and bad silly shows are winning the ratings I’m so confused…

  7. Last year Bones ratings built up to 800k in the slot. With the repeat on their over Summer they were obviously considering showing it there again.

    I guess they thought that junk like Tricked, Young whatever and Anh Do would do better with younger viewers against The Block Unlocked

    All the stuff that can’t compete against DA, Fat Tony, Love Child, Revenge, Winner & Losers and TBBT running after MKR and The Block end up on Wednesday and Thursdays. I’m usually giving the DVD a good workout then.

  8. I’m guessing they didn’t want to air Anh Does on a Thursday. Seems like they just chucked it there to fill the void left by Tricked bombing. With hardly any promotion no wonder it didn’t do too well.

  9. Bones belongs on Thursdays now that it is a veteran drama. They should pair it with Castle, which would probably bring in more viewers. Hope Seven have learned from all the trash telly on Thursday nights.

  10. the only thing i watch on thursdays was person of interest till that got moved to sunday but on my epg that bones isnt appearing here in perth & also was how i met your mother meant to come back with new eps last week because they were repeats on monday

  11. But the bigger issue is 9 have consistency on Thursday nights as long as the Footy Show is on while seven has all these shows they know will last a season and be axed or shafted to late night slots. The Bones/Greys Double was a good one previously

  12. Clashes galore last night – we can only record 1 program at once so Anh had to give way for Janet King. If they actually made programs run on the hour we wouldn’t of had to record the end of the Amazing Race and could of recorded Outback Truckers without missing the end of Anh.

  13. I’ve never seen anything of interest to watch on any commercial network on a Thursday night for many years. Time something is done about it.
    Moving Bones to Thursday night is not. Good move. People like it earlier in the week.

  14. Hi David, I don’t normally ask questions, but I can’t find it anywhere else…. Do you know if the last episode of Scandal was the season Finale, and if it will be returning at all please ? 🙂

  15. How about instead of airing a repeat of Bones give the Greys viewers the newer episodes. Instead of burning them off as doubles in May like you did last year!
    Thursdays are weak, coz there is no consistency!!

  16. Seven aren’t going to win viewers on Thursdays by changing the schedule every week!

    Also, Bones has never rated as well on Thursdays compared to Sundays when paired with Castle. Still, at least new eps of Bones is quality programming (unlike Seven’s usual Thursday rubbish).

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