Grant Bowler returns to host Amazing Race Australia

2012-10-17_2325EXCLUSIVE: TV Tonight can reveal Grant Bowler will return as host of The Amazing Race Australia for Seven.

Bowler, who was well-received by fans of the local adaptation, hosted two seasons of the show for Seven in 2011 and 2012.

Produced by activeTV, the series went on to win an International Emmy award.

The third season is to be produced in-house by Seven and sees Aussie teams compete against teams from New Zealand. The change in producers is understood to be part of a cost saving by the network, which prides itself on internal productions.

Retaining Bowler in the hosting position will keep some synchronicity for the audience.

Shooting is expected to begin in March, travelling to more international territories.


  1. Great news that Grant is back. Lets hope Seven don’t stuff it up like they did with The Mole and way too many episodes to start with. Will be interesting to see how Seven produce this now they are doing it in house.

  2. Glad Grant Bowler is back, he is very versatile whether it is acting or hosting. It is good that he finds the time to work in Australia with his success in America.

  3. Will seven indulge in more cross-promotion?

    ‘Teams must prepare and serve an “instant restaurant” in France; to be judged by a pair of familiar faces’.
    ‘Bali Boogie-Board Bag Bulge road-block’.
    ‘Turn garbage from the world largest slums into different garbage; featuring Tara Dennis’.
    ‘Race the Braxton brothers across London’.
    ‘Wall Street torture; Sit and watch Dave Kosh talk about “budgets are good” for 3 minutes’.

  4. While seven are producing this, it’s an internationally owned format, so I’m sure their will be measures in place to make sure seven don’t trash it.

  5. I’m really fearful that this will turn into another train wreck like The Mole. I do not want to see this as a stretched out 4 nights a week show. It must remain one episode per week, tightly edited to 43mins run time plus commercials. If it is anything else but this, I do not see myself watching,

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