No deal for Deal

Updated: A subtle change at 5pm for Seven ....and a rerun of Schapelle on Nine.

nodeal aokAn interesting programming amendment today from Seven has a Deal or No Deal repeat at 5pm now replaced with a new episode of Million Dollar Minute.

Unless there is another update coming, Seven has currently scheduled two episodes between 5 – 6pm.

The change is (so far) just for today.

Seven has previously indicated it would continue Deal repeats, but there is no confirmation it will ever resume production.

Meanwhile Nine has still not advised what it is screening tonight at 8:30pm…. still planning another rerun of scheduling favourite, TBA.

Updated: Nine has since advised it will rerun the Schapelle telemovie at 9:40 after a Nine News special on her at 8:40pm.

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  1. I can tell you what will be showing at 8:30pm on 9 – ads and the last 10 mins of The Block.

    I imagine for the period after that, they will try to capitalise on Corby’s release so I think that Bogues is prob on the money there.

  2. I predict ch9 will replay Schapelle. It was dumb to change it at the eleventh hour and I’m sure many people missed the amendment too. It will pull 1 million again so why not?

  3. Yes a 60 Minutes special on the Corbys would make sense. If they can do a deal with the family.

    And they could even repeat Schapelle after it, since it would rate better than an old movie.

  4. I would be very surprised if Nine didn’t have a Nine News Special: Schapelle Released” at 8:30pm, followed by a repeat of the 2008 documentary on her.

    Lets face it. MKR / Revenge is going to dominate whatever Nine screen, just like last night.

  5. Some states didn’t get MDM on Friday because of schapelle. They’re just catching up.

    9 is a mess, TBA and nothing promoted on the 2nd night of ratings and an ordinary movie ‘Contagion’ in a high profile Sunday 8:30.

  6. so what’s happened to the Qantas May Day thing Nine was originally going to show last night ?
    They flogged it to death during the cricket coverage and now it’s disappeared.

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