Block on high, but TEN hits new low.

Ratings: While Reality still rules, TEN's primary channel sinks to 5.9% -its lowest survey share since OzTAM ratings began.

EP44 Final 1 001Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse for Channel TEN, it’s primary channel hits another iceberg.

TEN’s primary channel sank to a 5.9% share last night, the lowest survey share since the start of OzTAM ratings in 2001.

Again the channel could not manage 500,000 viewers with TEN Eyewitness News best at 473,000 viewers. Elementary was 380,000, The Graham Norton Show was 244,000. An empty war-chest decision to play a repeat Narnia movie at 6:30pm got what it deserved -just 226,000. Are You Paying Attention? is not helping at just 189,000.

The saving grace for TEN was the FIA Formula One, at 375,000 it helped push ONE to a 5.0% channel share and kept the network in double figures and only just above the preceding week.

Once again it was reality shows that hogged the night with The Block‘s room reveal again defeating My Kitchen Rules.

Nine network share was 35.3% then Seven 33.0%, ABC 15.2%, TEN 12.5% and SBS 4.0%.

The Block‘s 1.73m was its second best numbers this season, together with 60 Minutes (1.42m) they powered Nine to a win, followed by Nine News (1.26m), Fat Tony and Co. (1.04m in 5 cities / 547,000 in 3 cities). A Person of Interest repeat was 281,000.

My Kitchen Rules was no pushover at a strong 1.57m viewers for Seven then Seven News (1.33m) and Sunday Night (1.19m). Downton Abbey won its timeslot at 1.1m viewers. A Resurrection replay was 297,000.

ABC News (828,000) may have topped ABC1 but the season finale of Rake finished strong on 759,000. Next were Ice Age Giants (656,000) and Compass (423,000). Waking the Dead was just 185,000.

SBS ONE had a tough night with SBS World News (185,000), Himmler and the Holy Grail (182,000), Dirty Business (138,000) and How to Build a Bionic Man (117,000).

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 30 2014

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  1. Randwick, doesn’t TEN’s situation undermine the ridiculous argument put by some TV Tonight posters that networks who chop & change programming all the time will eventually suffer? Isn’t TEN sticking to their schedule? Why aren’t they rewarded like Seven & Nine are? Of course, reliable public broadcasters have known this for years!

  2. I stopped watching ten when andrew bolt appeared on the channel .ten could fix most of its problems by getting rid of all the right wing rubbish taking over that channel . I mean i like the studio ten but wont watch beacuse of that right wing fool from the tele thats on studio 10 .same with wake up the show goes to news limited headquarters every morning puts me off . Politics and tv shows dont mix and people arent fools management at ten take note stop loading your shows with right wing shock jocks and i may start watching .

  3. I don’t think Ten knows who it’s audience is. They could get a better idea by doing a simple survey on the tenplay website and ask questions like what you like to watch, age, sex, what you don’t like and so on.

  4. I like the splitting of the reveal on The Block/ I am an avid watcher & I like the bit more renovating/judging you get.
    Do think the twins should be disqualified for putting up an unsafe terrace that wont be certified. The money it cost to fix should be added to their reserve.

  5. Do we really need to know that “TEN has hit a new low” . We know they are in trouble let’s be a bit more of a constructive bunch. There are people working there that would feel totally gutted at the state of affairs at the network. Forget the ratings it’s a two horse race and let’s see what TEN can do to get itself back on track, even if it is one step forward and two back. I am sure it will step up to the mark.

    1. It’s not an either / or. I am capable of filing both sides of the story, such as interviews, reviews, behind the scenes etc and the ratings. I do not agree that we should ignore ratings, nor that this was not newsworthy.

  6. sigh. Poor Ten just cant seem to be doing anything good on Sundays of late. Wasn’t it just a year ago they were calling their sunday line-up as “Super Sunday”? Wasn’t setting the ratings world on fire, but certainly a lot better than its 5.9% share!

    Good to see ABC’s Rake end on a high. Was such a great show.

  7. I have been observing TEN’s strategy and the comments over the last three months and they just keep getting worse. It is quickly apparent that TEN need sport and lots of it, because drama and other shows are not working any more. TEN’s brand is completely trashed. Nothing works the only saving grace is sport. Even though the old board and CEO did not start a sports channel properly and at the right time they had the right idea. Now then need sport more then ever and ther Live content, which is dvr and internet proof.

  8. @ Andrewb….simulcast so they can report a bigger number higher up the ranking, no other reason really. Its not like they have much else to offer, if Dan Ricc does well the numbers may come…..Other than that ch10 are finished and at some time in the near future will probably need ‘refinancing’ again. The 200mill they raised is a loan over 4 years, ie 1 mil a week…..thats not gonna keep ’em afloat

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