Change of weather for Magdalena Roze

TEN meteorologist Magdalena Roze is moving on after 2 years with the network.

2014-03-11_0054TEN meteorologist Magdalena Roze is moving on.

After 2 years with the network she is pursuing other opportunities.


Roze joined TEN for the Paul Henry-led Breakfast in 2012 from the Weather Channel and National Geographic. After the morning show was axed she joined TEN Morning News.

She is a self-confessed “weather nerd” who admits to living and breathing the weather.

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  1. Magdalena should have been given the major bulletin over Tim Bailey. She is an exceptional meteorologist. Reuben Mourad was another great talent who slipped through Ten’s fingers.

    In 2012 Ten sprouted how the ‘young guns on the newsroom’ were going to set the world on fire, many of them getting promotions over colleagues. Two years later the only one who remains is Matt Doran.

  2. This is crazy of ten to let her go. Mags had a great personality and knew her stuff. What more could a tv network want.

    I am staggered when WakeUp desperately needs to give viewers a reason to watch. Mags was not been included in the team. She has credibility.

    A huge loss for Ten and I would think 7 or 9 are already on the phone!!!!

  3. I agree with everything here she was awesome! When I found out on Breakfast she didn’t use autocue that just upper her status so much more

    Hope she gets a great role elsewhere!

  4. First of All, I love meteorology.
    That’s why I am sad that Magdalena is leaving Ten. It was good to see someone so passionate.
    Also, she is an actual meteorologist and that’s what I expect when getting the weather bulletin, instead we get weather “presenters” who aren’t qualified. Oh well, I’ll just go to the Bureau of Meteorology website and get my weather there.

    I wish Magdalena all the best of luck!

  5. @JoeBloggs – not coming from Ten and their pathetic audience.

    It’s hard to see where she would fit in at Seven or Nine given that both are already overflowing with spare presenters. Perhaps Seven could add a Sunrise-style weather cross to The Morning Show/Morning News?

  6. Best. Weather. Reporter. Ever! Her nerdiness and love for meteorology is truly infectious, and unlike almost all the other weather presenters, she’s an actual qualified meteorologist. Whilst I know we’ll be seeing her on our screens on another network soon (no idea where though), I am sad she’s leaving Ten as I loved when she filled on The Project.

  7. Roze has been a fantastic presenter for 2 1/2 years on Ten. She covered Ten News, Breakfast, the Project, and Sochi. I think that next month she might be heading to the nine Network as a presenter.

  8. Ten wasted a fantastic opportunity with the best weather reporter. There is only so long you can sit around and wait for a permanent spot. Would be great if nine or seven gave real weather reporting another shot in the mornings. Would be a great point of difference moving away from the 5 minute cross with a 30 second fly around.

  9. Nooooo! Mags was terrific, especially as the occasional fill-in host of The Project. This is really sad for TEN loosing the best weather reporter I’ve seen in years.

  10. Disappointing news, I found her to be a rare find in a reporter; intelligent, genuine and engaging.

    Magdalena did a wonderful job during Sochi, makes you wonder if Ten assumed on her renewing her contract. Surely if they knew they would have given the Sochi role to another reporter?

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