TEN to revive RPM for V8s broadcast

Six marquee V8 events will air on TEN from 2015, and sports panel show RPM will be revived.

2014-03-02_2341TEN will revive former motorsports show RPM as part of its new broadcast deal for the V8 Supercars.

TEN will air six Live events in 2015: Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000, Clipsal 500 Adelaide, Gold Coast 600, Sydney 500, Townsville 500, Wilson Security Sandown 500.

Every race will be featured in a highlights program on TEN at 4pm on Sundays. One-hour highlights packages will also run on ONE at 8.30pm on Saturdays and Sundays, and on TEN at 11.30pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Highlights programs of the other V8 Supercars races will run on ONE and TEN on Saturdays and Sundays.

The new, six-year $241m agreement sees FOX Sports broadcast all practice, qualifying and race sessions Live and in HD. Previously all Championship races were seen on Seven.

TEN Chief Executive Officer, Hamish McLennan, said: “We are looking forward to welcoming V8 Supercars back to their natural home – on TEN and ONE – in 2015.

“TEN will bring viewers and advertisers the six best races – live and free – plus compelling highlights packages of all the other races. We have worked closely with V8 Supercars to ensure free-to-air television viewers receive comprehensive and engaging coverage on both
TEN and ONE.

“Our viewers will get all the live action, thrills, drama and excitement of the Clipsal 500 Adelaide, Townsville 500, Wilson Security Sandown 500, Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000, the Gold Coast 600 and the Sydney 500, plus the best of the rest. It will be a compelling offer and we cannot wait to get it on air.

“With the addition of V8 Supercars to our popular coverage of Formula One and MotoGP, Ten is clearly the home of motorsport in Australia.

“The success of the KFC T20 Big Bash League on TEN and the XXII Olympic Winter Games on TEN and ONE have highlighted the value of premium live sport – and we are excited to add to that with the V8 Supercars.”

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  1. Note to self Jan 2015 get sports added to Foxtel package…

    On the one had this is not a good deal for those stuck with FTA but I guess if it’s good enough for F1 in the UK then…

    I do wonder if F1 coverage here will also be changing soon, with just select races live and the rest shown on ONE the next day?

    All that said given Seven’s coverage of late having a 1 hour highlights package which will cut out the boring bits might be the way to go for most rounds.

  2. not that I watch Sunrise but Mark Beretta is taking a stand on this stupid V8 deal, and rightfully so that the fans are getting outrage. I have seen a lot comments about the bad, bad tv deal that James Warburton has done. Did Beretts say something this morning about the TV deal? If so can somebody please upload it

  3. @Secret Squirrel – Yeah that is a better way of putting it, I should have really put locally built as “locally built” or locally built to resemble cars we see on the roads.

    In all I can see how TEN have only gone for 6 live races in a year and why V8SC would agree to it, the next round of deals for telecasts may change (either for the better or worse for Free To Air viewers), depending on how the Races are received minus that Ford vs Holden (which yes granted is a bit faux now, but still carries some old lineage).

  4. @Cam Reed – we haven’t had locally-built Holdens or Fords racing at the top-level of Australian motorsport for over ten years. These are pure-bred racecars with American racing engines and a few very thin aluminium panels, lamp clusters, and a badge to make them look a bit like a Commodore or Falcon.

    I think what you’re trying to say is that both Ford and Holden currently invest a fair wad into V8 Supercars, both via their respective factory teams, but also in assistance to other teams nominally using their make of car, and that they expect a return on their investment with people buying their cars. Now they’re wondering whether the equation will still be in their favour if Ford will be selling Mustangs and Holden prob some Chevrolet model.

    So V8SC were no doubt trying to secure a future post the expected withdrawal of funding from the two major manufacturers.

  5. I hope qualifying, support and the top 10 shoot out are included for 10, otherwise that James Warburton has really screwed V8s big time, teams won’t get sponsorship deals, tv ratings decline and they would reverse their decision. I hope it ends up failing big time for V8s, in regards to ratings. Not every race will be shown at 8.30pm on One across the weekend due to Ten’s live coverage of Formula 1 and MotoGP. The big get out of this deal is RPM and 10 should bring back V8 Superstars

  6. @lkernan – Probably got them to agree to it as by 2015 we won’t see locally built Fords racing and locally built Holdens not long after that.

    Sure Ford has signalled that they will continue and it will likely be the Mustang they will introduce here as the muscle car, however no-one (as far as I have heard/read), knows what Holdens plan is after 2016 when the drivers contacts are up (yes production will cease in 2017, yet they’ve only signed the drivers to 2016).

  7. “TEN will bring viewers and advertisers the six best races – live and free – plus compelling highlights packages of all the other races”

    So only 6 races for the whole season in full?
    Ouch, how did they get V8SC to agree to that step backwards.

  8. The new deal is a bum deal for free to air viewers. No, I am not defendng Seven. Yes, there will be six live races on TEN from 2015, but the rest of the races will not be live, and not be screened as full replays on delay either unlike what has been occuring on Seven and TEN beforehand. Instead, there will be 45 odd minute highlight programs not including ad breaks. As such, there will be less coverage on free to air now than before, a backward step for a sport that only benefits like all other sport with free to air exposure. I will not be paying to view V8’s in full on Foxtel like the other 70% of the population who chose not to either.

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