Next week’s schedules: The Voice awaits MKR finale

Updated: Schedules are locked in for next week, with House Rules and the last ever How I Met Your Mother.

S3_Pete & Manu_36340_resizeSchedules are now confirmed for next week.

Failing some red herrings and amendments, it would seem Nine is holding off its new local shows until My Kitchen Rules is done.

Seven’s cooking show has its grand final next Tuesday night. Nine has scheduled 3 x Big Bang premieres across Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and of course Logies this weekend.

That probably means Sunday May 4 or Monday May 5, will see the launch for The Voice, MasterChef Australia and House Rules.

TEN has its Modern Family “Australia” episode this Sunday, plus the grand final for So You Think You Can Dance Australia a few days later.

Meanwhile ABC has Parer’s War on Sunday and SBS has Fargo on May 1st.

Now Updated:  SEVEN

6:30 My Kitchen Rules
8:00 Sunday Night
9:00 Downton Abbey (xmas special)
11:00 Royal Pains

7:30 My Kitchen Rules semi final
9:00 Revenge
10:00 How I Met Your Mother
11:00 Suits

7:30 My Kitchen Rules grand final
9:50 Intelligence
10:45 Parenthood
11:45 Smash

7:00 Home and Away
7:30 House Rules
8:45 The Blacklist
9:45 Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD
11:30 Defiance

7:00 Home and Away
8:00 House Rules
9:15 Under the Hammer
9:45 How I Met Your Mother final
10:45 Women Behind Bars

6:30 60 Minutes
7:30 Logie Awards (7:30 Red carpet / 8:00 Awards)
11:15 Kings of Comedy (rpt)

7:30 The Big Bang Theory
8:00 The Big Bang Theory (rpt)
8:30 Movie: Contagion

7:30 The Big Bang Theory
8:00 The Big Bang Theory (rpt)
8:30 Mom
9:00 2 Broke Girls
9:30 Movie: Crazy Stupid Love (rpt)

7:30 The Big Bang Theory
8:00 The Big Bang Theory (rpt)
8:30 Mom
9:00 2 Broke Girls
9:30 Movie: The Hangover (rpt)

7:30 Top Gear
8:40 The Footy Show
10:40 Two and a Half Men (rpt)
11:40 The Footy Show

6:00 Modern Family: An Aussie Adventure special
6:30 Modern Family (“Australia”)
7:00 The Millers
7:30 The Millers
8:00 Modern Family
8:30 Elementary
9:30 The Graham Norton Show

7:30 Bondi Rescue
8:30 Law & Order: SVU rpt
9:30 Blue Bloods

7:30 Jamie & Jimmy’s Food Fight Club final
8:30 NCIS
9:30 NCIS: LA

7:30 The Living Room special
8:30 Puberty Blues
9:30 The Good Wife

7:30 So You Think You Can Dance Australia grand final
9:00 Law & Order: SVU
10:00 Law & Order: SVU (rpt)

* Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane


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  1. Hi David, could you update the above as we all know HR starts Wednesday, but now new TBBT is not on Tuesday, must be due the MKR Final. Just saw an add stating New Big Bang monday and wednesday

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