The Checkout replays

The Checkout's extended season will consist of 4 "Best Of" replays.

The CheckoutIn February ABC announced that The Checkout would have an extended season of 20 episodes, double its original order.

But it has emerged that this will include 4 “Best Of” specials.

An ABC spokesperson told TV Tonight the run is as ordered.

“The same approach was taken for both 26 episode series of The Chaser’s War on Everything in 2006 and 2007. In the producers’ experience, this is the best way to deliver a longer series, especially one as intensively produced and demanding as The Checkout,” they said.

“It’s fairly unusual for audiences to catch every single episode of a show, and the material in The Checkout remains current and popular – as the success of The Checkout Snack Size, which airs before the 7pm news, has shown.”

These episodes will air from Thursday 24 April.

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  1. It’s a scaaaam!

    An extend series of 20 episodes means 10 episodes then 4 episodes of clips shows, made up of nearly half of them. And then possibly 6 new eps later in the year?

    With 3 screenings a week, iview, DVRs and individual segments screened as short cuts all over the place you would be doing pretty well to watch the ABC and miss any of the episodes.

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