Airdate: 24: Live Another Day

TEN locks onto its 24 premiere, but it is 6 days after the US.

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 11.53.27 am.jpgTEN has confirmed its premiere of 24 will air at 8.45pm Monday May 12th.

The 12 episode reboot begins with a 2 hour premiere (review is here). Coincidentally, Mondays are also the same night TEN is screening Kiefer Sutherland’s Touch.

I do have concerns about the scheduling being six days after the US premiere (next Tuesday Australian time).

Given the audience for the show, and it’s history of trying to execute ‘real time,’ I’m surprised TEN hasn’t held off NCIS so it can screen this day / date.

In many ways poor Programmers are damned if they do / don’t, but Jack Bauer may well be a chance for TEN to help address its ratings.

Can we pretty please reconsider?

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  1. TEN are really stuck in a tough place with this one, can’t air it Tuesday as that’s NCIS night, there are few options for them.

    But maybe they could do like Foxtel does with GOT and air it on ONE Tuesday afternoons, so people can PVR it legally just after it airs in the US and watch it when they want? Then the can show it on TEN later in the week or the following Monday.

  2. @Dalmanic:
    The BBC did a terrific job at making sure the broadcasters of “Doctor Who: Day of the Doctor” air the program at exactly the same time as them to avoid spoilers.

    Maybe FOX could have done the same.

  3. I could be wrong be I doubt downloading is that much of a problem. Although I am sympathetic with those worrying about spoilers.

    The one worry I have is they’ve put it on Monday and the ratings aren’t usually too good on Monday. So it’ll either boost the ratings there or will do what is normal for Ten. Not happy with the latter idea.

    Once they advertised for it to be on Mondays and I looked up that it starts on May 5 overseas. Then I thought it would be on the next week. Thanks for confirmation.

    As an individual I’m watching Eleven normally on Mondays and probably will continue with that. If they repeat it I’m afraid I’d not be able to see it. I’ve seen briefly stuff they repeat on Eleven to look up the EPG. I never stay.

  4. I am a huge fan of 24 and will be watching regardless of the fact its 6 days. That doesn’t worry me one bit and i like most people who want to watch it will wait for it. The thing that TEN still haven’t seemed to understand is how to schedule a show (Masterchef really should be at 7pm!!!) They have put it against The Voice/Big Bang Theory and on that Monday night death slot i really have my doubts it will pull anymore than 500k. We will see i suppose.

  5. Another incorrect use of the word its.
    I’m surprised that certain people would actually do both download and watch the show on TV, depending on if it’s aired ‘quickly’ enough.

  6. For those that say delaying 24 by almost a week, then you are wrong, 7 delayed Revenge for weeks possibly months and look at the ratings it’s getting. Honestly guys grow up and stop bagging ten when 7 and 9 are worse

  7. Looking forward to 24 but not on Ten. Besides the delay, this is a show you want to watch without ads. (Yes I could record it and watch without ads but am not going to wait a week to do so).

  8. Yes, 6 days is no good if you want to read social media and not get spoilers! Or join in discussions.
    Sometimes you can avoid social media and still get spoiled with a headline in general news or entertainment news.
    That’s why I watch Game Of Thrones at 3.30pm on Monday afternoons!

  9. Makes a difference to me 2 days I could handle 6 is too many by time I get to watch it the discussion thread on the ep will be dying out and gearing up for the next ep #fail10

  10. I don’t think fast-tracking makes a huge difference – it is only a week after its premiere.
    I hope this can help lift Mondays but reality is that 24 has only ever had a small cultish following here in Australia.

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