Airdate: Two Men in China

John Doyle & Tim Flannery are back, peering into the future of the Australia-China relationship.

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 1.53.53 am.jpgAfter tackling the Murray Darling, the Great Divide, and the Top End John Doyle and Tim Flannery are back with a new 3 part series, Two Men in China.

Two Men In China is John Doyle and Tim Flannery’s entertaining journey of discovery through China to peer into the future of the Australia-China relationship. The three-part series sees the indefatigable duo – armed with inquisitive minds and enduring sense of humour – explore our powerful neighbour and our major trading partner.

John and Tim visit the capital – Beijing, the decadent Shanghai, and the booming western frontier, Chengdu. This series is the tale of these three very distinct Chinese cities and what they mean for the future of China, Australia and the planet.

The intrepid travellers grapple with the traditional workers and the new movers and shakers. They also meet adroit Aussies trying to ride the dragon to success. There are lessons to learn and warnings to head when a nation rapidly industrialises and urbanises as it drags its people out of poverty. Tim and John investigate how Australia’s mineral and agricultural wealth is helping to drive the Chinese economy, feeding its people and accelerating the urbanisation of the most populous nation on Earth.

8:30pm Tuesday May 13 on ABC1.

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