Bogan Hunters let f***in fly on 7mate

Bogan Hunters nets near-record ratings for 7mate, but not everyone is happy about the censoring.

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 4.23.51 pm.jpgTuesday night’s premiere of Bogan Hunters was very big, by multichannel standards, on 7mate.

The latest offering by Logie winner Paul Fenech pulled 390,000 viewers, enough to top the night on multichannels and better than the numbers he used to attract on SBS. It even eclipsed Parenthood on the main channel.

It was the second-best number 7mate has ever scored, beaten only by the Liverpool Football match last year. It was also the highest entertainment audience the channel has ever enjoyed.

Bogan Hunters is also something of a departure from Fenech’s traditional scripted comedies Housos, Swift and Shift Couriers and Pizza. Bogan Hunters is observational-style as Fenech and co. travel around Australia looking for our biggest bogan. Last night the show was in Perth and Tasmania, peppered with drag races, beer, false teeth, bongs, and gags about in-breeding.

But some diehard Fenech fans were annoyed the show had censored the language in the show. Plenty of his trademark language was smothered with the sounds of car horns, chickens and various effects, despite the show being classified as MA in a 9:30pm timeslot.

On Facebook, there was plenty of love for the show, but some viewers hit back over the censoring:

– Not that impressed actually. Would have been better on SBS where it didn’t get all the swearing bleeped out. That’s commercial TV for you though. Houso’s, Fat Pizza and Swift and Shift WAY better!!!
– What’s with the silly censoring?
– It should be on SBS, swearing allowed
– why bleep out the swearing??
– The bweping out of the swearing is f*****g p*****g me off! -.-
– There was no need to remove all the swearing , where not 3
– Also the beeping is so it doesn’t offend the sponsors and keeps complaints to a minimum, commercial network work a lot different to SBS which is partly independent.
– shit show now that its bleeped and not showing rude bits:
– Should never of went to channel 7. At least SBS you could hear the words FFS
– WTF is this shit!!!!! its 9:30 and its censored u need to thong yaself after this 1
– F**K the censoring sounds!
– They only censor it because it’s commercial tv, if it was on Foxtel it’d be fine. Paul said that they wish the swearing was allowed. Still funny though

A Seven spokesperson told TV Tonight the old TV rule was that foul language never brought in more viewers and the censoring “makes it more fun rather than harsh‎.”

7mate will air an Uncut Bogan Hunters later.

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  1. What a bloody disgrace! You are bringing this country down to America`s level with crap like this. The only thing sadder than a station playing this crap is the fact that so many people watched it. Do we really need to know how many low life scum bags live in our country. Obviously, there is very little to choose from in that time slot.

    Shame on you 7mate!!!

  2. Even though i dont like these shows that appeal to the easily pleased uneducated if australia i don’t see the point of censoring this crap when it is targeted to that audience. Conservative and easily offended veiwers should not tune in.

  3. I didn’t watch BH last night, not my cup of tea, but I am surprised they censored the cussing. It is not really a family friendly show. 7mate should have chucked an MA rating with Strong Language Warning. I doubt if it was on SBS or ABC it would have been censored. Certainly an odd decision.

  4. The censoring of language often does have an affect on the show. For example, Jersey Shore (from MTV America) had swearing bleeped out, but Geordie Shore (from MTV UK) was uncensored, and the UK version was far more preferable as you could actually understand what was going on, instead of hearing a long series of beeps.

    Considering it’s 9:30pm on a multichannel, and this was always a show without ‘broad family appeal’, I think Seven should have gone uncensored with it.

  5. clearly that “Seven Spokesperson” is wholly unfamiliar with the collected works of Paul Fenech and/or his target demographic

    but then, intelligence is not an attribute we frequently accuse programmers of bei over-endowed with

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