Renewed: The Mentalist. Axed: Intelligence.

Renewed: Cougar Town., Hannibal, The Bachelor. Axed: Hostages, Friends with Better Lives.

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 12.00.27 am.jpgMore decisions from the US.

The Mentalist starring Simon Baker is back for a seventh season although it is unclear how many episodes, or if this will be the last season. In last night’s episode on Nine, the identity of “Red John” was finally revealed, but there are another 13 episodes to come this season.

Also renewed for a sixth and final season is Cougar Town, for 13 more episodes.

Hannibal will return for a third season and reality series The Bachelor is renewed.

Newcomer Intelligence, currently screening on Seven, has fallen over at just 13 episodes.

The axe has also fallen on Friends with Better Lives starring James Van Der Beek.

Finally the expected new for the low-rating Hostages, whose fate was sealed some months ago. It’s good to see US networks clarify their position on shows, unlike an Australian habit to just seemingly never axe shows (**cough cough City Homicide, anyone?**)

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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  1. I love Simon Baker (always have) 🙂

    But, last night’s reveal & the lack of questions & answers as to why this person was RJ (as opposed to Brett Stiles???) leaves me beyond annoyed! imho, the storyline was lame!
    I don’t like the new direction the show goes in
    (from what I’ve seen online)
    I think it was wrong to reveal RJ before the final episode ever of the show.

    Hopefully, in this new 7th season, they will answer all the RJ questions!

  2. Wow maybe City Homicide will make a comeback. Thanks for the reminder David. It is just a number of shows I see that Ch7 have “killed” due to their erratic programming and mid season yanking of shows. They ruined this show for me when they did that. yet they continued the practice after with Rafters and Winners and Losers! Not too mention the All Saints continually moving start times after the Dancing Stars show! Now we have reality always doing that to Aussie and International dramas!

  3. The Mentalist”s renewal is another surprise given its low ratings (18-49) , lots of episodes for syndication already and high labour costs. When it was not renewed along side The Good Wife (which follows it), and The Red John story being over, it was assumed to be finished.

    But it appears that with so many 1st shows failing networks and producers are keeping some low rating shows with older viewers, DVD, online and syndication revenue around in order to not have to put up too large a number of new shows in fall.

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