Tassie channels its inner Noirhouse

2014-05-20_1437.jpgGood to hear of some production in Tassie, even if it is for iview.

Filming has commenced in Hobart on 6×5 minute episodes Noirhouse, as the first sitcom commissioned for iview. ABC has also acquired 3 previously-produced episodes from Latitude Films.

The film-noir-looking comedy series set in a share house “riddled with flying bullets, steamy looks and split bills…” sees a hard-boiled detective (Nathan Spencer), a sultry femme-fatale (Melanie Irons), and a sentimental Russian thug (Mick Davies).

According to the ABC, “They would have killed one another already, but the dead don’t pay the rent. When looking for a new housemate, Alice (Sarah Wadsley) walks in the door. She seems perfect – but what’s she hiding? Before they can even get past the hangover from the welcome drinks, though, their world’s going to be turned upside down.”

Shaun Wilson, Noirhouse Director & Co-creator said: “There’s plenty more of the tale of Detective, Nadia, Alice and the Russian to be told. We can’t wait to bring more of the fast paced, stylish, steamy, and quite frankly ridiculous world of Noirhouse to Australian audiences. We think people are going to be pretty excited, and a little weirded out, by what we’re up to down here in Tasmania.”

Said ABC TV’s Head of Comedy, Rick Kalowski: “Our thanks to Screen Tasmania for unearthing this truly original comedy gem, and to them and Screen Australia for joining us to back it. This is ABC’s first sitcom commission directly for iview, and not only is it a wonderful show, but an exciting indicator of what technology is making possible: comedy where form is dictated entirely by content, for an audience as likely to watch it on an ABC online platform as on television”.

Noirhouse is a Latitude Films production in partnership with Sky Machine in association with ABC TV, Screen Tasmania and Screen Australia.

Director: Shaun Wilson, Producer: Fiona McConaghy, Associate Producer: Nathan Spencer, Writer: Tim Logan.

Executive Producers for ABC TV are Rick Kalowski and Penny Wright.

All 9 eps will play on iview later in 2014.


  1. Geez nedtilson, where was there a snide comment in the story? Is it the opening line insinuating that the production is for iview, so therefor inferior? I certainly didn’t read it as snide.

    I’m over the moon for these guys. Iview is as good a format as any to showcase your creativity – it’d probably be paid content with more creative freedom and less interference (closer to your vision) than anywhere else.

    I actually think getting something on iview would be better than getting something on Foxtel… at least you reach the whole country!

  2. HardcorePrawn

    The original 3 episodes are already on the noirhouse.com website if anyone’s interested.
    It’s a different genre, but it reminds me a little of SBS’s Danger 5.

  3. Wow. Maybe you should also try searching this site for the Foxtel production I reported on at the time of its announcement? Or maybe on the previous notes where I have called for more drama to be made in Tassie? I was actually celebrating the news, which has gone unreported in most media. Perhaps the only one being snide was not me.

  4. Actually David Knox, there’s also an hr long drama being produced and shot in tassie currently for foxtel – foxtel.com.au/about-foxtel/communications/screen-tasmania-funding-for-foxtel-s-the-kettering-incident–209666.htm

    maybe you should try a google search before being snide buddy

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