Returning: Taskmaster Australia

Hold the S2 cast -while another batch of comedians step to the front please.

Taskmaster Australia is returning to 10 later this month, but in a surprise twist, the network will screen its third batch of comedians now as a second season.

Last July, 10 announced Peter Helliar, Mel Buttle, Aaron Chen, Concetta Caristo and Rhys Nicholson for a second season. In March TV Tonight revealed Anne Edmonds, Jenny Tian, Josh Thomas, Lloyd Langford and Wil Anderson were also filming next episodes -these will now form a second season to screen later this month.

TV Tonight understands the switcheroo is due to talent availability for promotion, with the remaining season to screen later this year.

Returning to their hosting thrones for season two, is tough-love Taskmaster Tom Gleeson, and his loyal sidekick “lesser Tom” a.k.a. Tom Cashman, both ready to test the wiles, wit and wisdom of our five new comedians.

Stepping up to the Taskmaster challenge and competing for the golden version of Tom Gleeson’s delectable noggin, is comedy royalty Anne Edmonds, Jenny Tian, Josh Thomas, Lloyd Langford and Wil Anderson.

Each week viewers will witness these best and brightest comics go head-to-head in a string of ridiculous, rambunctious and bewildering tasks to bag the highest points, all for our amusement.

From building scarecrows, to catching hot chips and fielding a lesson with lemons, will they have the prowess to win over our supreme Taskmaster?

Taskmaster Australia is produced for Network 10 by Avalon / Kevin & Co.

Thursday, 23 May at 7.30pm on 10.


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  1. According to reliable spoiler sources, one of the contestants from the filmed S2 is currently filming Celeb Amazing Race.

    So that solves that matter

  2. When I saw this promo pop up during ‘Masterchef’ last night I was all confused. Thinking “Hang on, what happened to season 2”. I know who’ll have the answer. Went straight to this site. And, sure enough, there is you’re piece explaining it all, as I then proceed to walk around the house reading aloud your article to anyone who is in ear shot. Thanks David. Exciting times.

  3. they’ve used the same promo photo of the Toms for three seasons now… 🤣
    I’m also presuming that the season swap might also mean that this series might have gone better than 2023’s batch series.

  4. At his gig in Canberra on 23 March, Wil hinted that he’d been filming something that he found surprisingly exhausting that would be out later in the year. This must have been it.

  5. I’m just happy we are getting lots more Taskmaster Oz. And having wife and hubby Anne and Lloyd going against each other is sure to bring big laughs.

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