Bumped: I Wanna Marry Harry

After it was axed in the US yesterday, TEN moves reality dating show to an even later start.

hrryMore changes for US Reality show I Wanna Marry Harry, after it was axed in the US yesterday.

From next week it moves to 10:45pm following a movie Along Came a Spider.

It also follows a movie a week later on June 27th.

Despite it moving to online playouts in the US it should still be deliverable for international audiences.

The way things are going, Harry may be better off marrying Yasmin and then we can kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

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  1. First H50 gets dropped from the schedule in lieu of Blue Bloods, and now even it has been bumped. What’s the point of rescheduling shows if they will only be bumped once again? TEN really need to pick a timeslot for both shows and leave them there till their seasons are finished if they have any hope of getting back their audiences.

  2. Stoopid Ten is stoopid. This was always an Eleven show and should’ve been on there from the start.

    Ten will go nowhere until they get someone in programming who knows what they’re doing. Actually, scratch that. Ten’s problems are systemic and go beyond an inability to schedule programs sensibly and according to their supposed target demos.

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