Returning: Smash

2014-06-07_2122Fans of Smash who have been waiting for unaired eps will need to set their PVRs.

The show returns at 11:45pm Tuesday 17th. But at least they should be played out.

“The Producers”
Tom and Julia’s partnership is strained to the breaking point just as Ivy, Eileen, and the entire ‘Bombshell’ team are running themselves ragged to outshine the competition.

This one of 5 remaining episodes.

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  1. Love Smash and was glad to know when the rest of Sn 2 was to be aired. So, we got one episode and now what??
    With Wimbledon now on for the duration, will we ever see the last four episodes?

  2. Thanks David. Yay!! @Bella – same!

    I emailed 7 but they didn’t reply to ask why they stopped it & when would it return. What would we (TV Tonight fans) do without you? You keep us in the loop always 🙂

  3. Thanks for this info David. I honestly thought that the last episode that was aired was the finale. So good to know we have five more to look forward too.

  4. Thanks David! I recorded the first part of season 2 and had a binge viewing and was annoyed that the last 5 episodes was missing. At least I can finally see it now.

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