Gone: Enlisted, Dads

2014-05-16_1840US comedies Enlisted and Dads are now out of schedule on ELEVEN.

These were screening at 7:30 / 8:30pm on Sundays.

They will now be replaced by Simpsons repeats.


  1. Remember when Digital stations started how excited we were,Dante’s Cove anyone!Niche programs,they simply went out the window quickly.Now the same old s**t,BBT,BBT,BBT,list just goes on.

  2. Yet another reason not to trust FTA, can’t even leave new shows on their secondary channel, if not Sunday evenings why not find a whole somewhere else?

    Enlisted was a good solid show and liked it much more than Dads, which was a little low brow and lost it’s charm quickly. JMO

    Guess fans will have to go else where to keep watching them.

  3. I’d rather watch a good repeat than a poor original show-‘Dads’ was utterly appalling and a waste of otherwise considerable comic talent-‘Enlisted’ was very much a strange combination of Sgt Bilko/ Gomer Pyle//Stripes and PTSD-was rarely funny, mostly just silly.

  4. Noooooooooooooooo! Replacing premiere original content with repeats is an absolute joke! Not to mention the fact that multichannels are meant to have a point of difference from primary channels in that there is no real reason to go chopping and changing their schedules due to lower audience shares and yet they go and do it anyway? Now I remember why I love Foxtel – all series have the one timeslot their entire run without bumps.
    @ Southpatt – I talked too soon =(

  5. Didn’t watch these shows but too frequently original content on networks is being replaced with repeats. Its not fair to the viewer of these shows especially on a multichannel which is where alternatives to mainstream content should be offered.

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