Returning: The Bachelor

2014-07-10_0046Season 2 of The Bachelor will premiere on TEN 7:30pm Wednesday July 30th.

It will air on both Wednesdays and Thursday nights.

Last year the show had an uneven launch, but settled better in mid-week, including with a strong finish.

The second season features dashing Perth auctioneer Blake Garvey, 31, who has already been the subject of media articles about his love life.

Standing at an imposing 196cm,with a voice likened to Barry White, Garvey is part African-American.

TEN is yet to confirm what will move into its schedule on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday evenings post-MasterChef but has Recipe to Riches still to come.

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  1. If The Bachelor does well, like it did towards the end of last season, Ten will get a big boost. They need to find more returning, reliable performers and this looks, or looked perhaps (?), to be the next one. It’ll be interesting to see its figures.

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