Million Dollar Sunrise Minute

2014-08-03_2304David Koch, Sam Armytage and Natalie Barr will go head to head in a special round of Million Dollar Minute, to air on Sunrise today.

“I love game shows,” said David Koch. “I’ve watched them since Pick A Box and I will be calling on my inner Barry Jones to give me the winning edge. I’ve got the age and experience over my competitors”

“I’d like to win but am feeling lot of pressure,” Sam Armytage said. “I am a veteran of such shows as The New Price Is Right and Deal Or No Deal so I know how much pressure there is on these game shows.

I did 3 unit geography at school though and I knew it one day it would come in handy and here it is – finally it’s going to pay off … I don’t even want to think about my weaknesses.”

“I have been too nervous to prepare,” Natalie Barr added. “I don’t think I’m good at recalling information quickly under pressure. I am quite worried about all of it… of having a mind blank… or just doing a Clive Palmer and storming off the set …”

Simon Reeve said, “It will be very interesting to see who wins this as it comes down to how you cope with the pressure to reveal your own personal level of general knowledge.”

Sunrise airs from 6am on Seven.

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