Returning: Nurse Jackie. Airdate: Friends with Better Lives

2014-08-24_0125Edie Falco is at last returning to ELEVEN with a new season of Nurse Jackie.

Season Six premiered in the US in April and Falco is in the running for an Emmy for her performance.

Sink Or Swim
Jackie’s back to using again, but she’s doing it differently this time: maintaining a clean and sober cover. Meanwhile, Zoey learns that everyone knows about her ‘secret’ relationship with Prentiss.

It’s back at 10:50pm Tuesday September 9th. A little late, given it follows ancient episodes of Sex and the Ciy, but at least you can set your PVR.

ELEVEN also premieres Friends with Better Lives, starring James Van Der Beek, at 9pm on the same night.

Will reveals to his friends — the happily married Bobby and Andi, still- single Kate and sexy couple Jules and Lowell — that he and his wife have finalised their divorce.

This premiered in March but was pulled after 8 episodes. It’s entirely possible Australia will screen the remaining 4 before the US bothers to.


  1. @DanR
    Because they fast-tracked Nurse Jackie last year and it didn’t increase the ratings and left them with nothing to show in August and September.

  2. Secret Squirrel

    I loved NJ but gave up watching it on Eleven after their continual woeful treatment of it. (I should save that line as a template and just change the show and channel as required).

    Why a network that is struggling to remain relevant would sit for months on new eps of a decent show is beyond me. Prob because their horrible scheduling of it (and others shows such as Californication) has killed off all but the most dedicated fans.

  3. I couldn’t work out how Eleven had new episodes of Nurse Jackie then realized they’d had them on the shelf for 5 months! What a dreadful scheduling for this. Friends with Better Lives was terrible, and to put Jackie on after that and reruns of Sex in the City, what the hell?
    I did enjoy Jackie this seasons, it’s worth PVRing.

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