Returning: House of Lies

2014-12-14_1248House of Lies returns to ELEVEN next week with Season 2, replacing Nurse Jackie.

These episodes are nearly two years old.


Marty and the Pod adjust to the “new” Galweather Stearn in the aftermath of a sexual harassment scandal. Interim CEO Julianne Hofschraeger needs Marty to live up to his reputation of being a fearless closer. This poses a challenge when Marty consults with Mr. Pincus, a valued client no one in the company knows.

Jeannie relives haunting memories from a drunken night out with Marty when she returns to work from a paid leave of absence. At home, Marty struggles to patch things up with Roscoe since he moved out to live with his mother, Monica.

10:10pm Tuesday 23rd December ELEVEN


  1. no Californication?

    there once was a time when Eleven fast-tracked shows like this, Nurse Jackie and Californication. they could have done so with this season straight after season one finished but didn’t. why must they get so behind?!

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