Sarah Ferguson exits 7:30. Chris Uhlmann hosting before Leigh Sales returns.

Screen Shot 2014-05-11 at 12.49.31 am.jpgTonight is Sarah Ferguson’s last edition hosting 7.30 on ABC, which probably has some nervous pollies breathing a sigh of relief.

Bruce Belsham, ABC’s Head of Current Affairs said, “Live presenting is a highwire art, requiring skill and bravery. Sarah’s style, always civil but tenacious and thoroughly across the brief has resulted in a string of agenda-setting interviews.

“Congratulations and thanks to Sarah for her terrific work. She will now move to her next project as interviewer and writer of a documentary series on the Rudd/Gillard years.”

From Monday Chris Uhlmann will host for four weeks before Leigh Sales returns from maternity leave on September 8th.

Uhlmann’s radio role at AM sees Michael Brissenden as presenter for five weeks.


  1. There is a a difference between good interviewing and bullying. Sarah has used bullying and disrespect of the interviewee as a signature technique. This may well play to some in the audience looking for entertainment rather than an understanding of the issues. Why would anyone want to be interviewed when they are likely to be faced with disrespect and bullying? I am sure she would not respond well to being treated similarly.
    The ABC has a responsibility to ensure that interviewees are not treated as targets.

  2. Hallelujah!! ….. er sorry, I just spilt my champagne! …. great to see Sourpuss Sarah depart at last. She clearly tried to give the impression that she was one of the BBC’s hard hitting journalists, but she has just been boring and rude, interrupting to give you the idea that she was a great journalist. Far too much left wing bias (even though it is the ABC which is well know for it). Looking forward to having Leigh Sales back – she knows how to ask the hard questions which need to be asked without being rude and unprofessional. Can’t wait not to watch the Rudd/Gillard doco by Sarah – it will not only be boring but will fail to highlight their teams’ incompetence and lack of any decent business experience. Thank you ABC, you made my week!!

  3. I’m not sure if Sarah has ever interviewed Eric Abetz, but she would have made mincemeat of him. I watch him with a mixture of open-mouthed despair and hilarity at his robotic speech delivery, repeating himself ad nauseum until the interviewer gives up and the rest of us have changed channels.

    A truly appalling minister.

  4. once-upon-a-time

    So sorry to see Sarah move on, it must frustrate her when smart arse politicians who think they will just B/S their way though an interview, only to meet up with someone like Sarah, who most times has not only completely researched her topic, she has researched the impact will have on average australians.

    In gratitude and respect for Sarah, when these ‘con artist’ deliberately avoid giving a straight answer, to myself and hopefully many others, it simply confirms that Sarah has hit the nail on the head once again

    It will be interesting to see if Mr Uhlmann has fully crossed over to the ‘Dark Side’ to join Mr Jones, who was once much like Sarah at least in asking the hard questions, but I could not stand it when he suddenly let them off the hook, sadly these days Mr Jones is not even asking such questions any more.

  5. Chris Uhlmann has been on AM, and in fact signed off saying he was needed “for other duties” only a few days ago. I too think his strengths are in reporting, not anchoring.
    Sarah will be missed, she really made that spot (temporarily) her own…and I wouldn’t have thought it was the wisest move by the ABC. Bit disruptive for viewers.

  6. I really don’t like Chris Ulmann’s “point-scoring” type of interviewing. Tony Jones does the same. Its too confrontational, and rarely achieves anything. Sarah Ferguson and Leigh Sales are much classier, insightful and ultimately get better results than Chris Uhlmann. He should stick to political reporting rather than interviewing.

  7. That’s an odd decision; why not have Ferguson in the chair until Sales comes back?

    Uhlmann hasn’t been on AM lately anyway, because he’s promoting his book.

    • Presumably dates and commitments were locked in.

      Uhlmann has a week off AM to promote his book yes, hence why I didn’t indicate Michael Brissenden begins next week. It was a bit of extra info, not really my domain.

  8. daveinprogress

    Yes, i concur with those praising Sarah. Although her presenting is sometimes a little awkward, her interviewing is powerhouse and compelling. She adapted from being more a behind the scenes investigative reporter to that hot seat.

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