The Block reveals Sunday best, but Seven wins the night.

2014-08-04_0947The Block‘s first room reveal in its Glasshouse series was the drawcard the show has needed.

With 1.38m viewers it equated to the 3 channel simulcast launch a week ago and restores some faith after some concerning numbers last week. It also averaged higher than lengthier shows on rival networks which necessarily adopt a lower average than they would at one hour.

But the night was won by Seven network with a 27.2% share then Nine 26.6%. TEN 24.7%, ABC 16.4% and SBS 5.1%.

Seven News (1.27m) was best for Seven then Sunday Night (1.1m), The X Factor (1.04m) and World’s Most Extreme Waterways (484,000). Castle was 262,000 / 147,000.

Following The Block for Nine were Nine News (1.27m), The Voice: Kids (816,000), the strategically titled 60 Minutes Late (737,000), and The Mentalist (353,000).

TEN’s lovingly produced 50 Years Young special looked back on its colourful history with plenty of great memories -special congrats to researchers and editors. As tipped by this site the show was big on Twitter, trending at #1. The final numbers were an average across 2 hours at 666,000 -but was still TEN’s best performer of the night. Glasgow Live was 561,000 / 422,000, TEN Eyewitness News was 536,000 and Extant was 395,000.

At 954,000 Grand Designs will probably be ABC’s biggest audience all week. Next were ABC News (779,000), Silent Witness (678,000), The Tunnel (426,000) and Compass (395,000).

On SBS ONE it was Secrets of the Vatican (234,000), Alexander’s Lost World (225,000) and SBS World News (180,000).

Glasgow Live (478,000 / 372,000) delivered ONE a big 8.7% share.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 3 August 2014


  1. was a pity that Ten’s longest running show was only acknowledged by way of a throwaway line by Bert Newton. Not that MFYAH needed a whole segment but even just a mention might have been appropriate.

  2. Bert was so funny “I think GMA will face stiff competition from Mass at Home”. Rove certainly deserves to be in top ten, but #2? Richmond Hill E Street Echo Point. Why not a Top 50? I loved it.

  3. “@Angela: “Pat the Rat” was from Sons And Daughters (Seven), but you’re right that The Restless Years and E Street were omissions.”

    @Andrew – yes, of course she was !
    Memory’s a bit foggy as it was a long time ago and the fact that SAD and TRY were on around the same time, I think.

  4. @Angela: “Pat the Rat” was from Sons And Daughters (Seven), but you’re right that The Restless Years and E Street were omissions.

    50YY also noted Nicole Kidman making a guest appearance in A Country Practice. Yes, she was in ACP… when it was a Seven production… and the footage that was used appeared to be from a 1984 Channel 10 telemovie, Matthew & Son!

  5. I was thinking there was no way the Block could do all the reveals in the allocated time considering five rooms and not running overtime. I just hope Nine keep this up with the other reveals.

  6. daveinprogress

    I enjoyed Ten’s 50 years young. It has always been my favorite commercial network, since i was a kid and went on a school excursion to the set of Number 96! Spoiler alert for those who might see it again: Prisoner was #9 on the 10 most popular local shows of all time! I was gobsmacked by the shows that beat it! Not sure how expansive the demographics of the voters; but very little from the true past; i.e last century! No mention of The Restless Years – too Sydney? But it covered a lot of ground.

  7. Tens 50 years young special was good. There was an article in yesterdays herald sun that had the top 50 moments on ten and I would’ve like to have seen more of those included.

    The episode is on tenplay for those that missed and would like to watch it.

    Extant is dragging so much. 4 episodes in and nothings happening. Will give it another chance as there is nothing on Sunday night but its got to get better.

  8. So enjoyed Fifty Years Young – a real trip down memory lane.
    Not too shabby ratings either considering the shows it was up against.
    Where were the Restless Years with “Pat The Rat” and E Street though?
    Interesting to see Offspring at Number 1 – have never watched so will have to catch up with it sometime soon.
    Puberty Blues should definitely have been in the Top 10.

    Couldn’t help noticing Carrie Bickmore had well overdone it with the spray tan – she looked positively orange last night.

  9. David, do you know who won the night in the 25-54 demos that all networks now target? Are demos not being reported any more? Much better timeslot for Ten’s 50 Years Special and it did okay considering the competition. Seven would have to be really worried about XFactor being around 500,000 viewers down on the same night last year.

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