Airdate: Tyrant

When the US-based son of a Middle Eastern dictator returns home he is drawn into a political crisis.

2014-10-01_1921Recent US drama Tyrant, created by Gideon Raff (Homeland) is set to begin on TEN.

It centres around the US-based son of a Middle Eastern dictator who returns home and is drawn into a political crisis.

The FX series, which premiered in the US in June, has been approved for a second season.

It will premiere 10:30pm Monday October 13 following Homeland‘s second week on air.

Tyrant tells a story of power, ambition, corruption and seduction – a compelling family drama set against the beautiful backdrop of the Middle East. But the lavish, decadent setting masks a simmering hotbed of political turbulence and unrest. Barry Al-Fayeed (Adam Rayner) is the youngest son of a Middle Eastern dictator.

Having relocated to California 20 years ago to shake off his father’s tyrannical rule and establish himself as a well-respected paediatrician, Barry now lives the life of a family man with his wife Molly and two teenage children.

But Barry’s cosy bubble is set to burst. An invitation to his nephew’s wedding calls for his return to the Middle East and now it’s time to face the injustices of his past, witness his brother Jamal’s (Ashraf Barhom) wicked ways and confront his father.

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