Logies restores Comedy category after industry, viewer feedback.

TV Week bows to industry, readers and viewers and restores Most Outstanding Comedy category.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESBrilliant news today from TV Week that it has restored Most Outstanding Comedy to its 2015 Logie Awards.

The jury-voted category has been absent since 2009.

TV Week says the change has come about after consulting with the industry, as well as listening to feedback from readers, viewers and voters.

“The standard of Australian comedies has been outstanding in 2014 –and we felt that shows in that genre deserved to be judged up against each other in their own category,” TV Week’s editor Emma Nolan says.

In recent years performers, writers, networks (and even blogs) have lamented Comedy entries having to compete with those in Light Entertainment (AACTA Awards also merge the categories).

The 57th Annual TV Week Logie Awards will take place on Sunday, May 3, 2015 at Crown Entertainment Complex’s Palladium Room, Melbourne.

Voting will open on Monday, January 12, 2015 and will continue until Sunday, February 22, 2015.

Now if only we can get more women into the Hall of Fame…..?

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  1. Good move Logies about time. Next task is to
    remove ‘corn factor’. The producers should take a look to the AACTA Awards, they’ve been getting the tone right in recent years.

  2. Good news, but they still need to add an award for Most Outstanding Supporting Actress and Actor. Also add Most Outstanding Guest/Special Guest role.

    Also need to add awards for directors, writers etc

    Get rid of the most popular awards, I don’t want to see Home and Away win again, it’s embarrasing.

    For Hall of Fame, it needs to go to someone who is at least alive. My wish list is:

    Jackie Woodburne & Alan Fletcher (Neighbours)
    John Edwards & Imogen Banks
    Jenny Brockie (Insight SBS)
    Noni Hazelhurst

    For Most Outstanding drama I hope it goes to either Offspring or Puberty Blues .

  3. its great to see this award return to the Logies.

    Its sometimes hard to compare a comedy (sitcom) with some Light Entertainment Programs. They’re different genres!

    On another note – I see the Logies will return to being the first Sunday of May. The last two ceremonies have been moved to April. Waiting until May for an awards that’s based on the previous year is too long of a wait in my opinion.

  4. Well how about less crappy music performances and show all the actual nominees and presentations, instead of compacting them like 9 did this year. Atrocious I thought – maybe they just thought “Oh no BHG wins again, we wont show the nominees and just skip straight to the presentation to get it over and done with!” because I thought after all it is about the television industry rather than the music industry. I reckon they could start there.

  5. I’ll repeat a suggestion I made earlier that, at the risk of making a long presentation longer, they do Hall of Fame Logies for 1 male, 1 female and 1 program.

    Having only one Hall of Fame inductee a year seems very inadequate.

  6. Will each network be limited to the number of nominees per category. Will we get the situation where the ABC can only put 2 shows forward when they are making pretty much all the comedy.

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