Renewed: Top of the Lake

2013-01-12_2053Here’s a surprise…. Jane Campion’s Top of the Lake has been renewed for a second season.

The Hollywood Reporter notes Campion and writer Gerard Lee are moving ahead on a second season of the NZ-based mystery with production company See-Saw.

See-Saw also has Jimmy McGovern’s seven-part drama Banished with BBC First plus Codes of Conduct from director Steve McQueen with HBO.

Top of the Lake, which starred Elisabeth Moss, Holly Hunter and David Wenham, received plenty of critical acclaim and award wins from Golden Globe Awards, AACTA Awards, Logies, ASTRA Awards, Creative Emmys, Critics Choice Awards and nominations from Emmys.

It’s not yet clear of ABC will also screen the first season, which has been flagged in the past, despite it not proceeding as an investor.

Natalie Edgar, Director of Television, BBC Worldwide Australia and New Zealand told TV Tonight: “BBC Worldwide ANZ has first option on a second series of Top of the Lake in Australia and New Zealand. It is very early stages of development, we are working closely with See-Saw Films and can’t wait to see what Jane has in store for series two.”


  1. This was a brilliant series, the pacing was great & I was really able to get into the main characters mindsets. I ended up watching the whole thing in one sitting I enjoyed it so much. It reminds me of Rectify & True Detective with the slow, measured story telling. Elizabeth Moss was excellent & her accent was spot on, a good interpretation of an expat New Zealander living in Australia.
    I wonder if they are going to continue the storyline or have a fresh story & cast like TD do? I’d love if Elizabeth was in it again, she’s compelling to watch.
    ABC made a very bad decision when they pulled out of TOTL.

  2. A surprise. Presumably it will end up on BBC First.

    I thought it was very overrated. Campion is a visual arthouse film maker not a TV show runner and it showed.

    It was beautiful and atmospheric and there were some good performances but the story just stumbled along until it ran into the twist at the end. Moss’s attempt at a NZ/Sydney accent was terrible and very distracting.

  3. Fantastic news.
    Loved the first series – outstanding and sublime.
    One of the best TV dramas fo a long time.

    Banished sounds good too – I always enjoy anything Jimmy McGovern is involved in.

  4. Wow, that is a surprise.

    Not sure about this. Thought it was a perfect, self-contained story in a mini-series format and not sure where the story can go from here.

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