A Current Affair hits bum note with One Direction

Ratings: Viewers switch off ACA's squealy night with One Direction -but the trouble didn't stop there.

2014-11-28_1003Viewers switched off A Current Affair‘s One Direction special in droves as the show plummeted to just 547,000 viewers (surely its lowest number in living memory….).

The show was notable for its squealy teen hecklers, several bored boyband members, and Tracy Grimshaw telling them they were now a ‘man-band.’ Riiiiight.

Not even the 16-39 year old demos came to the aid of the show. It also proved to be bad timing given the big news of the day, the death of cricketer Phillip Hughes, went unacknowledged.

But ACA was not Nine’s only problem last night. Hijacking old shows from GEM and trialling them on the main channel was also a disaster: New Tricks was just 348,000 and Midsomer Murders a dismal 193,000.

Meanwhile Seven’s Beauty and the Geek finale bowed out with 560,000 / 548,000 -probably not enough to win a renewal.

Seven network won another night with 29.1% then Nine 26.0%, TEN 20.5%, ABC 18.8% and SBS 5.7%.

Seven News (989,000 / 943,000) was best for Seven then Home and Away (877,000), Beauty and the Geek (560,000 / 548,000) and Million Dollar Minute (488,000). The Happenings was 290,000.

Nine News (1.1m / 962,000) was best for Nine then King’s Cross ER (620,000), A Current Affair (547,000) and Hot Seat (540,000).

TEN Eyewitness News (616,000) was best on TEN. The Project scored 566,000 / 386,000, Madam Secretary was 560,000, Jamie’s Best Ever Christmas was 517,000, Law and Order: SVU (391,000).

ABC News surged as a result of ACA‘s fail at 879,000 viewers. 7:30 (739,000) was also strong. Catalyst followed with 664,000 then Upper Middle Bogan (596,000) won its slot, It’s a Date (431,000), QI (386,000) and The Midwives (254,000).

Made in Italy with Silvia Colloca premiered to 250,000 for SBS ONE followed by Heston’s Feasts (195,000), Gourmet Farmer (170,000), Vikings (139,000), SBS World News (114,000). Thai Street Food was 67,000.

GO’s Auction Hunters led multichannels at 312,000.

Nine’s Afternoon News: 348,000
Nine News Now: 201,000
ABC News Early Edition: 139,000
Seven News at 4: 97,000 in 3 cities
Seven News at 4:30: 83,000 in 2 cities

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 27 November

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  1. I didn’t see it but If only Nine still had a Wonder World kind of show like it did in the nineties for them to put a story like One Direction on.I bet you the likes of Jana Wendt,Ray Martin,Jodie Young and Catriona Rowntree would be in total shock about the kind of content that doesn’t belong on full scale current affairs shows.

  2. Channel 9 are obsessed with One Direction. Hardly a day goes by that they aren’t shown or at least mentioned on the Today show. No wonder the viewers turned away when they were now given a boring half hour on ACA. Isn’t it all just a big advertising gimmick because Channel 9 are one of the major backers of One Directions concert tour next year?

  3. “Viewers switched off A Current Affair‘s One Direction special in droves as the show plummeted to just 547,000 viewers”

    Hahahahahahahahahaha. Take that Nine.

    ACA’s audience consists mainly of the older, conservative bogan types who love the fear mongering Alan Jones and Andrew Bolt. A story on the most talentless bunch of celebrities in recent history was never going to go down well with that audience.

    And the majority of ID’s fanbase are under 16. They won’t bring the 16-39 demo if that is what Nine seek.

  4. Ha. No one wants to spend their night watching a tightly produced and by all standards excellent) crime show stretched out for 2hrs + with commercials. Leave MM on GEM or better still leave it all to the ABC along with New Tricks.

  5. Seven went way overboard with coverage of Hughes death. Scott was playing badly in the golf so they ditched a couple of hours coverage of the Australian Open for continuous coverage and an obit they had prepared.

    The details had already been reported for two days so they resorted to descriptions of people coming and going at the hospital.

  6. The ABC has beaten NCIS with repeats of New Tricks on Tuesdays. And Nine has been getting decent numbers on Gem for them (when they were up against stuff that over 60s didn’t want to watch).

    It didn’t pull viewers away from Madam Secretary or Upper Middle Bogan last night though.

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