TEN: first week of summer

tgwfeaturedNew episodes of Scorpion, NCIS: New Orleans, Recipe To Riches, The Good Wife and Madam Secretary are amongst new shows in the first week of summer non-ratings on TEN.

Sun Nov 30
6:30pm Scorpion New episode
7:30pm Modern Family Double episode rpt
8:30pm NCIS: New Orleans New episode
9:30pm The Graham Norton Show New episode

Monday Dec 1
7:30pm Modern Family Double episode rpt
8:30pm Law & Order: SVU Double episode rpt
10:30pm Blue Bloods rpt

Tuesday Dec 2
7:30pm Recipe To Riches New episode
8:30pm NCIS rpt
9:30pm NCIS: Los Angeles rpt

Wednesday Dec 3
7:30pm The Millers Double episode (new)
8:30pm The Good Wife Double episode (new)

Thursday Dec 4
7:30pm Jamie Cooks Summer rpt
8:30pm Madam Secretary New episode
9:30pm Law & Order: SVU rpt

Friday Dec 5
7:30pm The Living Room’s Hot List
8:30pm Friday Night Movie Tomorrow When The War Began rpt

Saturday Dec 6
6:00pm Miguel’s Feast Series premiere
6:30pm Bondi Vet
7:30pm Movie Gulliver’s Travels
9:15pm Movie: X Men Origins rpt

It appears Homeland is out due to US pre-emptions.


  1. Throng have said that The Millers has been pulled from the schedule with 4 eps remaining which will be replaced by Modern Family for the one week and the week after will see The Good Wife pulled which will be replaced by School of Rock. Hawaii Five 0 will have double eps

  2. I went back and checked out Wonderland after droping it from my view list early this sason, and yes that episode was so not a season finale. I doubt if people will care enough to come back, they really should have kept it going over summer.

    Loving The Good Wife, it took me a while, but I’m finally a convert.

  3. Ten should have continued Wonderland into the summer. It hasn’t been performing during ratings season so summer would be the perfect opportunity to give it some extra exposure.

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