Siege gunman may have been targeting Seven

2014-12-20_2255Seven has declined to comment on reports that Sydney siege gunman Man Haron Monis may have been planning to target Seven’s Martin Place studios, opposite Lindt cafe.

Security footage shows Monis pacing outside the Martin Place studios as early as 8.30am last Monday morning.

Reports yesterday detailed he had been angered by what he saw as anti-Muslim comments on Sunrise following a report on the Glasgow bombing.

“Channel Seven’s broadcast on 4th July 2007 changed my life!” he wrote online. He later wrote to ACMA to complain about the segment but no breach was found.

A 2009 report on Today Tonight had dubbed him a “Fake Sheik”

David Richardson tells News Corp, “He turned up a couple of times between 2009 and 2013 … standing outside in his mufti robes in his chains, handing out pamphlets.”

He reportedly wrote to former attorney-general Philip Ruddock urging launch criminal proceedings against the network.

Asked about the possible theory, Seven spokesman Simon Francis said, “We’ll demur on commenting.”

Additional source: AAP


  1. I don’t subscribe to this theory. I think he chose Lindt because it was opposite Seven’s city studio and would therefore get immediate maximum media attention.

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