Sam’s plan to make TEN uber cool…

Video: Designs so sleek that TEN should hire the man behind it and give him a gig.

These mock designs for TEN are not official, but they are so good they should be.

They are the work of Aussie Sam Mularczyk who has been studying in Sweden and decided to use TEN as his subject for a university project, playing with shapes, colours, and typography -all inspired by online platforms.

Since posting them on the Media Spy bulletin board he’s been showered with praise with many saying they are so good he should be hired by TEN. And it’s not hard to see why.

While they do include some former branding (TEN ditched ‘Seriously’ some time ago), they are sleek and uber cool.

Mularczyk tells TV Tonight, “I chose to rebrand TEN as it was my favourite channel growing up, and historically their branding has been a huge inspiration to me. Their bright colours and quirky personality – plus the strides they’ve made with tenplay – lend themselves well to a digital-friendly refresh.

“I feel like most TV channels (excluding the ABC/SBS) lag behind international markets with embracing digital technologies. It was more of a question: seeing what other channels have done internationally, what would Australian TV look like with a digital-aware design language?”

That’s probably a question for TEN’s own-brand-man-turned-network-exec Russel Howcroft.

A better question would also be, when are you calling Sam to offer him a gig?

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  1. I have always loved ten’s Promo’s cause they are heaps fun, usually with a cool song in the background. The latest promo for 2015 however is boring as hell with a crap background song.
    I think the best promo ever was the one where Ten personalities were at that Anonymous meeting, there need to be more like that

  2. This Sam is very good, credit to him i would have done something similar if i had done the right course at Uni. Anyway it does look good, however with the current batch of idiots running Network TEN i dont think he would get a job, they cant even schedule content correctly and make the most of their premier content, so he should probably go to 7 or if he doesn’t mind less pay SBS.

  3. Very nice presentation. If only Channel 10 had the content to match it. They could really use this guy which would be a great start but their woeful programming choices are really killing their station.

  4. Smart Sam to post it all online. As often happens, a reel is sent to a network who respond with a “no thanks”, only to use the concept later with no credit or payment to the originator.
    Hayden Christensen -v- USA Network over doctors show, Winklevoss brothers sued Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, etc., etc. “The plaintiff must prove the defendant had access to the idea and that defendant’s material and plaintiff’s idea are similar in one or more material respects”. Good to see you covered your ass, Sam. They are fantastic by the way – just ditch the “tweets during a program” idea. Already too much graffiti with pop-up promos, pop-up ads, inane ‘tweets'(not interested in your biased opinion, Charlene).

  5. At first I was underwhelmed but as it went on I was really very very impressed. Interestingly the guy who did the True Detective opening titles is an Australian. He should hire Sam!

  6. I really love this, the designs were great, ideas to for socal media/Internet integration were also great and the new ideas for TV to make it seam more modern(Ie “don’t go anywhere, we are back in 3 minutes” notice, the YouTube Style “ad 1 of 5”)

    Couple of minor issues. (Twitter/Song box too big) but that’s about it.

    A solid 9.5/10 for Sam

  7. I too like the short promo!
    The time factor back in 2 mins is polite and lacking amongst most commercial networks.
    The 1 advert of 5 is also a good idea. I hate how some breaks have 5 mins and others have 1 min.
    Great fresh colours definitely enhances viewer experience.

    Thanks for sharing David. Again shows your worth and commitment to informing and improving TV.
    the other point is you either went looking for this and found it or was alerted to it. Either way excellent reporting and creedbility.


  8. Sam, your work is amazing. Its a great concept that seriously gives the Ten brand some consistency and cool vibe that its been lacking in the last few years. Ten needs to hire Sam to implement these graphics ASAP.

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