TV Tonight Awards 2014: The Big Adventure voted Worst Show

Who has been voted Worst Male and Female -and the surprising addition to Most Overexposed?

The Big Adventure
TV Tonight readers have voted The Big Adventure as the Worst Aussie Show of 2014.

The ambitious Reality show, which tanked in the ratings, had the ignominy of giving away a million dollars with just 658,000 viewers. The show also polled highly for Biggest Blunder of the Year but that prize went to The Bachelor‘s proposal by Blake Garvey.

However there was better news for Seven with How to Get Away with Murder voted the International Show We Need to See on Aussie TV. It will debut next month.

When it comes to the Worst Male and Female performers there were several names who yesterday appeared on the Favourite Male / Female lists yesterday -this reminds us some stars can be polarising to audiences. Some may have also been voted due to the actual show they are associated with….

Most Overexposed performer this year includes, for the first time, Asher Keddie. The Favourite Female has made the list due to 2 dramas: Offspring and Party Tricks, with readers reminding producers to vary their casting lists or risk a backlash.

* denotes runaway winner.

WORST SHOW (Aussie): The Big Adventure*
Big Brother
The Bachelor
Bringing Sexy Back
The Block
My Kitchen Rules
(2013: Celebrity Splash)

WORST MALE: David Koch
Karl Stefanovic
Andrew Bolt
Grant Denyer
Josh Thomas
(2013: Karl Stefanovic / Kyle Sandilands)

WORST FEMALE: Sonia Kruger
Tracy Grimshaw
Samantha Armytage
Carrie Bickmore
Melissa Doyle
Julia Morris
(2013: Sonia Kruger)

Scott Cam
Grant Denyer
Asher Keddie
David Koch
Eddie McGuire / Samantha Armytage
(2013: Grant Denyer)

WORST SHOW (International): The Big Bang Theory
Dating Naked
I Wanna Marry Harry
Two and a Half Men
The Millers
2 Broke Girls
(2013: Super Fun Night)

The Affair
The Comeback
Marco Polo / Believe
(2013: Orphan Black)

BIGGEST BLUNDER OF THE YEAR: The Bachelor proposal*
The Big Adventure
Seven axes A Place to Call Home
ABC staff redundancies
Nine pits Schapelle telemovie against INXS
ABC News Year’s Eve broadcast
(2013: Celebrity Splash)

TV ratings sink under 1 million viewers
Celebrity deaths: Charlotte Dawson, Robin Williams, Joan Rivers
Margaret & David end 28 years of reviewing film
Offspring ends
ABC Mental As week
(2013: ABC outrates TEN)

65% of readers visit TV Tonight once a day or more with 85% voting the site Very Good or Excellent. Just 1% voted the site as Disappointing.

Thanks to all who participated. Until next year!

TV Tonight Awards 2014: ABC, TEN top winners list

31 Responses

  1. TV ratings sink under 1 million viewers because the quality of FTA television has become abysmal… the sooner the people running the networks accept this, the sooner they can find solutions to getting people back watching their networks ……

  2. i think one of the main problems with Big Adventure is that people also had very big expectations of it so it could never deliver. It was heavily promoted for a long time before it even started, a big build up to something fairly mundane, for the reasons ilovetv already stated.

    As for Sonia Kruger, yes a little over exposed, but overall i find her likeable which is more than i can say for someone like Karl Stefanovic. If anything she should be given some kind of medal for keeping afloat the Titanic aka Big Brother. From the little of it i did see, mostly ‘encore’ eps after midnight, she did an outstanding job as host. She kept things moving along nicely, tried to build intrigue, used good interview skills etc, no doubt partly due to a producer directing her in ear piece, but without the right host that can quickly backfire anyway.

  3. I don’t get the Sonya vote either but like David said guilty by association. I didn’t see BB though. Really disappointed MKR wasn’t worst. People being mean is far worse then people whatever they were doing on The Big Adventure.

  4. @catherine – Melissa Doyle is OK, but I do like Carrie Bickmore because she presents news on The Project very well. Couldn’t stand Sonia Kruger and Asher Keddie – really overexposed women on TV this year.
    Thank goodness, I might not want to watch Kruger and Keddie on TV this year.

  5. Agree with others here about poor old Sonia – totally uncalled for. .
    No, she’s not terrible at all – I find her to be a real sweetie – so good natured and a lot smarter than people give her credit for.
    There are others far, far worse than Sonia.

    Karl Stefanovic on the other hand….definitely deserves to be in the running for worst/ most overexposed male..
    Can’t stand him !
    Find him really phony and insincere and really condescending to his guests.

  6. Hatred “The Adventure” (the ratings it had does not earn the Big title). A rip-off Survivor with dull casting, a host who robotic and had no personality and a format that just didn’t work. The show did not even compare to the awesomeness that is Survivor.

    That said The Scott Cam Show (Block) & Fat People Live Miserable Lives (Bringing Sexy Back) are worse but TBA got the vote at the time due to recently bias .

  7. @ TasTVcameraman….What you said….except for brekkie TV…never do that….
    And the 1%…if they are so off this site…I am at a loss why they came back to even do the survey?!?

  8. Booooo…. There was much worse rubbish on TV than Big Adventure. Wot about Bring Sexy Back or a very very poorly executed BB or that Young Crazy Lazy show? To name but a few. Unfortunately for Adventure was end of year so everyone remembers it (and everyone was tired of reality TV by then) – but for a new show it really did tick a lot of boxes. Big pity its not going to get another chance. RIP.

  9. how is eddie mcguire over exposed? He only hosts 1 show. Bit surpised about the big bang theory. Its always the number 1 show when new eps are on. Maybe people are just sick of the repeats but thats 9s fault.

    bit shocked by the worst female list. Carrie bickmore, melissa doyle, sonya kruger they arent that bad are they?

  10. @Jas – prob the same people who vote Seven or Nine network as the most reliable for starting programs on time in TVTonight’s other annual survey.

  11. Big Bang Theory worse than The Millers? WTF? Seriously? OK, so BBT is predictable fare, but The Millers is unwatchable. How many fart jokes can you possibly shoehorn into one show?

  12. I agree, even though I did not vote. i just could not remember all the bad things, as I used to watch mainly Seven, now I watch mainly ABC and Ten with some SBS thrown in for good shows with Nine rarely getting a go. I watch a lot of multi channel stuff on Eleven and 7 mate and 7 two and One.
    I used to watch breakfast Sunrise and the sometimes the annoying Today, now all replaced by ABC news breakfast.

  13. The Big Adventure is nowhere near as bad as people are saying. While by no means a high-brow show it was entertaining and a good mix between Survivor and The Amazing Race. I enjoyed watching the ‘camp life’ aspect of the show

    Unfortunately it will not come back for season 2. But it was a good series. Good on Seven for trying something different.

    David Koch is also definitely not the worst male on TV, don’t see why the hate for him and Karl exists. Probably because they’re both popular and successful?

  14. Find the backlash against BBT a little confusing. That “I want to marry Harry” is seen as better is really weird… Yes it’s probably overplayed (a lot) but it’s pretty harmless!

  15. It’s a bit of a worry that I agree with most of these results! However…

    Asher Keddie is being damned for being in two shows last year? What do you expect? Actors have to make a living too! The pool of actors in every country is quite small compared to their population. Familiar faces crop up in UK shows all the time but it takes a real actor to sublimate themselves into the character and pull it off. The “new” stars of today’s shows have been playing bit parts for years and we hadn’t noticed.

    How can a top rating show with 12 episodes broadcast every week be the worst show (international)?

    If a show cracks the “magic” 1 million it means that almost twice as many viewers are watching something else or have switched off. The “others” easily outnumber the fans. The “others” have voted in this poll. Perhaps it’s wise that the “others” don’t…

  16. I thought that Brian Taylor would be the worst male on the list. I looked back on the survey and noticed that many listeners decided to switch his AFL commentary off.
    And I couldn’t believe why Asher Keddie would be the most overexposed person on the list. Keddie was the favourite female on TV for 2014.

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