Sunday 8 February 2015

Report:   Daily Free-to-Air Share
Channels:All Free-to-Air Channels
Market: 5 City Metro (aggregate figure)
Demographics: Total People (incl. guests)
Day-part: 18:00 – 24:00
Overnight and Consolidated
Network ABC10.5%10.0%
Network ABC21.5%1.7%
Network ABC30.6%0.9%
Network ABC News 241.7%1.1%
Network ABC TTL14.4%13.7%
Network 726.9%34.8%
Network 7TWO3.2%3.1%
Network 7mate2.8%2.6%
Network 7 TTL32.9%40.4%
Network 927.5%16.3%
Network GO!3.3%3.8%
Network Gem2.5%2.6%
Network 9 TTL33.3%22.7%
Network TEN11.0%14.4%
Network ONE2.1%2.0%
Network ELEVEN1.4%1.9%
Network TEN TTL14.5%18.3%
Network SBS ONE4.1%4.1%
Network SBS 20.7%0.7%
Network NITV0.1%0.0%
Network SBS TTL 4.9%4.9%


Report:   Top 20 Programs
Channels:All Free-to-Air
Market: 5 City Metro (aggregate figure), Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide & Perth
Demographics: Total People
Day-part: 02:00 – 26:00
RankDescription (grouped)Channel\Market(r) 5 City MetroSydneyMelbourneBrisbaneAdelaidePerth
1MY KITCHEN RULES-SUNNetwork 71,685,000492,000461,000291,000186,000254,000
2HOUSE OF HANCOCK -PART 1Network 91,383,000430,000425,000191,000154,000184,000
360 MINUTESNetwork 91,280,000461,000356,000241,000106,000117,000
4INSIDE THE SIEGE, THE UNTOLD STORYNetwork 71,127,000373,000294,000230,00093,000138,000
5NINE NEWS SUNDAYNetwork 91,099,000330,000351,000180,000112,000125,000
6SEVEN NEWS – SUNNetwork 71,032,000296,000259,000207,000101,000168,000
7ABC NEWS SUNDAY-EVNetwork ABC759,000214,000235,000100,00098,000113,000
8I’M A CELEBRITY…GET ME OUT OF HERE! EVICTIONNetwork TEN744,000171,000272,000123,00076,000102,000
9DAVID ATTENBOROUGH’S CONQUEST OF THE SKIES-EVNetwork ABC619,000163,000181,00093,00083,00098,000
10M-THE PROPOSALNetwork 7618,000163,000187,000110,00072,00087,000
11SHARK TANK – LAUNCHNetwork TEN616,000169,000219,00099,00061,00068,000
12I’M A CELEBRITY…GET ME OUT OF HERE! SUNNetwork TEN616,000151,000226,00097,00073,00069,000
13SHERLOCK-EVNetwork ABC583,000166,000178,000113,00055,00072,000
14ABC NEWS UPDATE-EVNetwork ABC541,000130,000160,00095,00068,00088,000
15TEN EYEWITNESS NEWS SUNNetwork TEN441,000132,00084,00079,00051,00095,000
16FAMILY FEUD SUNDAYNetwork TEN408,00092,000117,00091,00051,00058,000
17NINE NEWS: FIRST AT FIVENetwork 9361,00077,000141,00063,00041,00039,000
18WEEKEND SUNRISE – SUNNetwork 7345,000114,00083,00075,00025,00047,000
19MURIEL MATTERS!-PMNetwork ABC342,00083,00095,00073,00044,00047,000
20INSIDERS-AMNetwork ABC331,00094,000118,00052,00030,00037,000


Report:   Top 20 Programs
Channels:All free-to-air Multi Channels
Market: 5 City Metro (aggregate figure), Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide & Perth
Demographics: Total People
Day-part: 02:00 – 26:00
RankDescription (grouped)Channel\Market(r) 5 City MetroSydneyMelbourneBrisbaneAdelaidePerth
1PETER RABBIT-AMNetwork ABC2203,00052,00045,00042,00040,00023,000
2JUSTINE CLARKE: GREAT BIG WORLD-AMNetwork ABC2201,00048,00057,00037,00038,00020,000
3LAH-LAH’S ADVENTURES-AMNetwork ABC2200,00058,00051,00036,00036,00019,000
4PEG + CAT-AMNetwork ABC2196,00050,00048,00030,00042,00026,000
5OCTONAUTS-AMNetwork ABC2189,00048,00041,00031,00042,00027,000
6BEN AND HOLLY’S LITTLE KINGDOM-AMNetwork ABC2187,00056,00038,00042,00018,00034,000
7PEPPA PIG-AMNetwork ABC2181,00051,00042,00026,00033,00029,000
8THOMAS AND FRIENDS-AMNetwork ABC2178,00056,00027,00039,00025,00032,000
9SHAUN THE SHEEP-EVNetwork ABC2177,00043,00038,00042,00026,00029,000
10ESCAPE TO THE COUNTRY-SUNNetwork 7TWO177,00042,00052,00038,00024,00021,000
11GIGGLE AND HOOT-AMNetwork ABC2176,00049,00037,00033,00033,00024,000
12ESCAPE TO THE COUNTRY-SUN (R)Network 7TWO174,00033,00066,00037,00020,00017,000
13PETER RABBIT-EVNetwork ABC2170,00039,00036,00055,00023,00018,000
14SESAME STREET-AMNetwork ABC2170,00044,00049,00021,00036,00020,000
15RIVER COTTAGE EVERY DAY -EVNetwork Gem159,00029,00054,00023,00027,00026,000
16PLANET 51 -EVNetwork GO!159,00025,00049,00041,00021,00023,000
17PEPPA PIG-PMNetwork ABC2153,00036,00047,00043,00013,00015,000
18PINGU-PMNetwork ABC2150,00046,00035,00033,00023,00012,000
19PLAY SCHOOL-AMNetwork ABC2149,00050,00042,00013,00031,00015,000
20TRANSFORMERS RPTNetwork ONE145,00030,00046,00029,00023,00017,000



Free to Air: 25-54 demographics (Overnight)

RankDescription (grouped)Channel\Market(r) 5 City MetroSydneyMelbourneBrisbaneAdelaidePerth
1MY KITCHEN RULES-SUNNetwork 7910,000305,000243,000147,00086,000129,000
2HOUSE OF HANCOCK -PART 1Network 9662,000200,000200,00097,00062,000104,000
360 MINUTESNetwork 9633,000226,000184,000119,00047,00057,000
4INSIDE THE SIEGE, THE UNTOLD STORYNetwork 7540,000213,000121,000102,00045,00060,000
5SEVEN NEWS – SUNNetwork 7429,000154,00099,00066,00045,00065,000


Free to Air: 18-49 demographics (Overnight)

RankDescription (grouped)Channel\Market(r) 5 City MetroSydneyMelbourneBrisbaneAdelaidePerth
1MY KITCHEN RULES-SUNNetwork 7867,000284,000229,000143,00087,000124,000
2HOUSE OF HANCOCK -PART 1Network 9592,000186,000174,00078,00059,00095,000
360 MINUTESNetwork 9570,000212,000158,000110,00041,00049,000
4INSIDE THE SIEGE, THE UNTOLD STORYNetwork 7489,000185,000117,00090,00041,00056,000
5I’M A CELEBRITY…GET ME OUT OF HERE! EVICTIONNetwork TEN387,00084,000140,00062,00039,00062,000


Free to Air: 16-39 demographics (Overnight)

RankDescription (grouped)Channel\Market(r) 5 City MetroSydneyMelbourneBrisbaneAdelaidePerth
1MY KITCHEN RULES-SUNNetwork 7581,000182,000166,000103,00050,00079,000
2HOUSE OF HANCOCK -PART 1Network 9350,000114,00085,00051,00042,00058,000
360 MINUTESNetwork 9342,000143,00080,00060,00022,00037,000
4INSIDE THE SIEGE, THE UNTOLD STORYNetwork 7310,000109,00076,00063,00022,00040,000
5I’M A CELEBRITY…GET ME OUT OF HERE! EVICTIONNetwork TEN252,00047,000106,00040,00028,00030,000



Report:   Top 20 Programs
Channels:National STV
Market: National STV
Demographics: Total People
Day-part: 02:00 – 26:00
RankDescription Channel\Market(r) National STV
2PAW PATROLNick Jr.66,000
3ROBOCOPFoxtel Movies Premiere62,000
4PAW PATROLNick Jr.57,000
9ADVENTURE TIMECartoon Network50,000
11SOFIA THE FIRSTDisney Junior48,000
13REGULAR SHOWCartoon Network47,000
14REGULAR SHOWCartoon Network46,000
1724 HOURS IN EMERGENCYLifeStyle Channel45,000
18COUNTRY HOUSE RESCUELifeStyle Channel45,000


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  1. Weekend Sunrise is rating really well lately (even last half od 2014)
    Weekend Today rarely to be seen in the number
    Any theories as to why it usually rates well and usually higher than weekday Sunrise

  2. Sunday nights for us are Silly Sunday on Eleven that i watch with the kids so we were disappointed to find a simulcast of IACGMOH instead.We ended up watching a Simpsons dvd until their bedtime.I hope Animation Fixation on wednesday night is not messed up.Shark Tank was ok(pvr’d)

  3. IAC cost big money due to Krueger National Park location in South Africa. TV Week has a story about. The have two guys armed with guns to protect celebrities and 50 staff to run it including those that watch for snakes and poison animals and other dangerous things in a real jungle. So needs to be spiced up but not a cheap show all the same.
    Forgot to say we recorded Shark Tank as well to have a look at it.

  4. New layout and colours – very nice and easy to read David – good work.
    Watched the Siege special on 7 as I new they would run over on 9 deliberately. 7 did a good job with it, then watch MKR on 7 as well.

    Recorded House of Hancock mini-series on 9 and IACGMOOH off 10. Watched ( Gina’s family ) story after MKR delayed. Then some tennis on 72.

  5. It’s so unfortunate for Ten because they take these gambles with big name shows that just don’t pay off in the ratings. They make great shows and Australia just don’t give them the time. Shark Tank was excellent and executed to perfection. These are the shows Australia should be watching not ‘used and old’ cooking shows.

  6. Nearly wasn’t going to watch House of Hancock, but glad I gave it a go. Enjoyable, well produced drama.
    Not surprised nine’s 60 Minutes Seige special outrated sevens. Generally nines news and current affairs shows are superior to that produced by seven.

  7. bettestreep2008

    I am stunned IACGMOOH rated over 500K. I honestly thought it would have been completely destroyed by the two Siege shows on seven and nine.

    As for Shark Tank – it started after 8pm thanks to IACGMOOH going over time and was up against MKR which continues to rate over 1.6m.

    And bad news for IACGMOOH – the promos show that MKR will be screened this Thursday folks so IACGMOOH will continue to rate between 500-600K for the next 5 weeks.

    Ten better start tightening the show and not reverting to the tired Masterchef tricks of repeating what happened before the ad break. I noticed it last night and was not impressed.

  8. For the amount of money 10 would have spent on IAC – I don’t think they will be too happy with those numbers.

    I tried to watch it last night – but switched off after Julia’s 1 millionth attempt at being funny .

    Sorry not sorry .

  9. I don’t think running Family Feud on Sundays is doing what TEN was hoping.
    Still numbers for IAC are still OK. Shark tank maybe not quite what they would have been hoping, but stiff competition. I thought the show was very good. I feel if it were on 7 or 9 it would probably get over 1 million. But many people seem to have still forgotten that ch 10 exists.

    • HeyHey_Variety

      I hope TEN changes Family Feud on Sundays like make it live with celebrities. Or revive another game show for Sundays like The Price is Right or Sale of the Century.

  10. I thought H of H struck the right balance – focussing on the ‘love triangle’ rather than how Gina got to where she is – which would have been boring. Overall, entertaining. I parked my brain and went for the ride – which is exactly what you want on a Sunday night. High camp Rose was hilarious and Sam Neill did a superb job as Lang. Mandy was also very good.

  11. Interesting to see I’m A Celebrity come fifth in two different demos. I personally don’t watch it, but TEN should be happy with this, especially when it was the only commercial network not broadcasting on the Lindt Chocolate siege. Personally there is nothing grabbing my attention on Sunday nights at this stage and 9pm start times for dramas on a Sunday night is ridiculous…seems to be the tread this year across 7 and 9 in particular and impacts on the dramas showing at 10pm.

  12. I’m A Celebrity held up pretty well considering the competition from The Siege. Shark Tank had a tough night, I watched it and thought it was pretty good, hope it picks up next week.

  13. I’m no expert in production costs by 616,000 for IAC seems pretty low when you’re live via satellite with an expensive format when a nature documentary is out rating you. It’s not looking overly positive for season 2.

  14. I’m A Celeb and Shark Tank held up pretty well for Ten given the strong competition. I thought the Siege specials would be slightly higher given the promotion and money invested by Seven and Nine.

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