US presenter to host ASTRA Awards

2015-02-16_1024For their 20th year in the Australian television industry ASTRA has surprisingly announced a US presenter to host the 2015 ASTRA Awards.

E! News and Fashion Police presenter Giuliana Rancic will host the event in Sydney next month.

“We are thrilled that Giuliana Rancic has agreed to host the ASTRA Awards in this our 20th year of subscription television in Australia,” ASTRA CEO Andrew Maiden said. “The 2015 ASTRAs will be bigger than ever before, so we are delighted the show will be hosted by one of the global entertainment industry’s biggest stars.”

“This will be my third trip to Australia and each time I come I fall in love with the country a little bit more,” Giuliana said. “I’m hoping to become an honorary Aussie one day.”

“The 2015 ASTRA Awards are going to be fabulous and I’m honoured to have been asked to host the evening. I look forward to seeing so much more of the fabulous television that I know comes out of Australia,” she said.

The awards will be held on March 12th at The Star in Sydney.

ASTRA Awards 2015: nominees


  1. The thing i find strange is the Astra Awards never gets any air time.Now the 20th year you would think they would take some cameras along and broadcast the show.No need for special performances or anything just do what they have been doing in the past and put the show to air

  2. nothing against Rancic but living overseas im sure she has never heard of the astra’s or any of the aus nominees, there’s plenty of great Australian talent who could host

  3. Why ?? Is the ASTRA awards saying that there is no-one in Australia that can host our awards show? I get the need for constant validation from overseas as shown by the constant flow of overseas “personalities” at the Logies, but now we have overseas “personalities” hosting our award shows. Sorry I can’t buy this one. Nothing against Giuliana as she is a great host on the gossip channel E! but surely there is someone in Australia that could host it or maybe Richard Wilkins or David Campbell were busy that night !!! (I know I just invalidated my own argument)

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