Nine to serve up The Hot Plate


Nine’s upcoming food reality series, as first revealed by TV Tonight, now has a name: The Hot Plate.

The stripped Endemol-produced series will feature UK food writer and critic, Tom Parker Bowles (pictured) -son of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. He was previously a judge on the ITV Food series Food Glorious Food.

He will judge the series alongside Melbourne restaurateur Scott Pickett.

Nine exec Andrew Backwell told News Corp,The Hot Plate is an exciting new original food format and we are thrilled to have Tom and Scott on board with their top notch culinary pedigrees.”

Details of the mystery format are being kept under wraps, but the series is expected to see state-based restaurants with teams travelling the country to dine in and score each others’ restaurants.


  1. For the love of god….will all the TV stations stop with the reality crap shows that flood the air ways.
    Every bloody night for years. You just don`t stop. What is your problem????
    Is this how you get your ratings, from brainless fools who don`t have a life!!!!!!
    Put some thing educational on, or a movie.
    I`m so F&*^%$G over it.

  2. The Hot Plate? Sounds like TEN’s late, unlamented attempt to take on The Block – The Hot House. I predict it will be just as short-lived.

  3. Sounds interesting i will give it a go especially if it is about teams scoring each others restaurant i just hope they have the villains that’s what makes MKR so good with the block taking up most of the year plus the vocie then this there is no chance we will see BB back this year and if it was even remotely like last your then I don’t want it back on nine ultimately I would like to see ten bring it back

  4. This further adds to the glut of mindless, brainless reality television, and further drives the audience underground forcing people to download and/or legal and/or illegal streaming.

  5. The Things I've Seen.

    Here’s a hypothetical.
    One of the commercial networks have approached you to create a new show for a prime-time slot. It can be either a nightly or weekly format. The only catch, it mustn’t resemble any show that’s currently on Australian or International t.v. What do come up with?

  6. HeyHey_Variety

    Also when is Grant Denyer’s new show starting?

  7. So this is what they cook up instead of BB. I hope that TEN can find some success out of all this 7 and 9 cat and mouse. They are the only ones trying new formats. And please stop with the delusion that this is “new and original”! Replace the homes with restaurants and you have MKR.

    • Actually what you have is My Restaurant Rules. Which Seven aired in 2004 & 2005. They announced S3 for 2006 but it never eventuated. 5 years later Seven reworked the idea as MKR, after Masterchef was a big hit for Ten.

  8. HeyHey_Variety

    I would rather a variety show or a game show. I remember you posted article Dave saying “Variety shows” were going to make a revival this year. When are the networks going to roll out their variety/chat shows?

      • Seven kind of started this whole thing years ago with My Restaurant Rules. 9 have spent years as followers so this doesnt surprise me at all!

          • Masterchef is a UK format that started in 1990 and was revived in 2005. Ten bought the rights to the franchise in Australia. Seven reworked MRR (2004) into MKR because of the success of Masterchef in 2010. Nine are making a restaurant competition show because there baking show (based on a British show) did badly last year and they need to hedge against viewers getting tired of BB and The Block.

            No body is accusing any of the networks of any startling creativity.

  9. Yet another example of a lack of originality from FTA. Same boring rubbish. I don’t watch nine now and this isn’t going to entice me to start. How about some decent drama that isn’t soap or about cops or amateur detectives?

  10. Here we go again, another cooking reality show, sounds very much like the restaurant show that channel 7 have already stated claim to, cant these channels get some different ideas, wonder if it will be a bit of flop like the cooking show 9 had before. Talk about children copying things, think some grown ups are worse.

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