Nine’s Q2 highlights ….. where is The Voice?


Nine has confirmed some of its titles for Quarter 2 of 2015 including The Block, Love Child and Reno Rumble -but hasn’t mentioned The Voice as yet.

The titles teased to advertisers include:

• The Block – Final room reveals and auction
• The return of Love Child – Australia’s #1 Drama (Sneak Peek Here)
• Brand New Big Bang Theory – The biggest comedy in the world
• NRL – Every game a timeslot winner in 2014
• State of Origin – #1 program of 2014
• 9 News – Australia’s most consistent and #1 news
• A new, locally produced, highly integratable format – Reno Rumble

Also continuing are Forever, A Current Affair, Hot Seat, 60 Minutes, The Footy Show, Today, CSI, 2 Broke Girls, Ellen, Kids WB and Getaway.

The Voice usually launches post-Easter but it’s possible the expected absence of Big Brother has caused a bit of a shuffle in the schedule.


  1. I am really enjoying “Forever” Glad that is continuing consider the ratings are a bit soft. I highly recommend it for anyone who hasn’t seen it.

  2. The Voice most likely avoiding competing with MKR which now seems to be going on forever…

    The Voice for July?

    In other news I saw a bus today promoting X Factor coming soon to Seven – will XF go up against The Voice? Kiss of death for one of them if that happens!

  3. Maybe Channel 9 is starting to notice that reality TV is getting too much and slowly they will start bumping shows off the schedule.

  4. They have just finished/still finishing the blinds. I was in the audience last Saturday. Some amazing singers. Jessie J is an awesome coach.

  5. A look at Jessie J’s tour dates show she is booked out from March through to July, however there is a big block free between March 20th (Perth) to 29/4 NY, so maybe the pre live shows filmed then and the rest after the end of her tour in July??

  6. “9 News – Australia’s most consistent and #1 news”

    How do they measure consistency in news? In terms of scheduling or quality, because I’m not sure I’d use that word to describe either.

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