Nine’s Q2 highlights ….. where is The Voice?

The Block, Love Child and Reno Rumble -but is The Voice coming later this year?


Nine has confirmed some of its titles for Quarter 2 of 2015 including The Block, Love Child and Reno Rumble -but hasn’t mentioned The Voice as yet.

The titles teased to advertisers include:

• The Block – Final room reveals and auction
• The return of Love Child – Australia’s #1 Drama (Sneak Peek Here)
• Brand New Big Bang Theory – The biggest comedy in the world
• NRL – Every game a timeslot winner in 2014
• State of Origin – #1 program of 2014
• 9 News – Australia’s most consistent and #1 news
• A new, locally produced, highly integratable format – Reno Rumble

Also continuing are Forever, A Current Affair, Hot Seat, 60 Minutes, The Footy Show, Today, CSI, 2 Broke Girls, Ellen, Kids WB and Getaway.

The Voice usually launches post-Easter but it’s possible the expected absence of Big Brother has caused a bit of a shuffle in the schedule.

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  1. The Voice most likely avoiding competing with MKR which now seems to be going on forever…

    The Voice for July?

    In other news I saw a bus today promoting X Factor coming soon to Seven – will XF go up against The Voice? Kiss of death for one of them if that happens!

  2. A look at Jessie J’s tour dates show she is booked out from March through to July, however there is a big block free between March 20th (Perth) to 29/4 NY, so maybe the pre live shows filmed then and the rest after the end of her tour in July??

  3. “9 News – Australia’s most consistent and #1 news”

    How do they measure consistency in news? In terms of scheduling or quality, because I’m not sure I’d use that word to describe either.

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