Jackie Woodburne project on Kickstarter

Blatant plug time: Sci-fi audio project featuring Neighbours' very own Jackie Woodburne turns to crowd-funding.

Blatant plug time: Sci-fi audio project Night Terrace, featuring Neighbours’ very own Jackie Woodburne has turned to crowd-funding site Kickstarter to help fund its second series.

The cast also includes Virginia Gay (Winners & Losers) and Jane Badler (V) returning, plus Lawrence Leung (Maximum Choppage), Dave Callan (Rove Live) and Doctor Who writer Gary Russell.

The project comes from the team behind sci-fi comedy Outland and the Splendid Chaps Doctor Who forums.

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  1. I can’t stop laughing at the ‘clip’ from Neighbours. 😀
    Jackie truly is a wonderful actress, and I especially love her in comedic mode. I’m definitely not a sci-fi fan, but I might have to check out Night Terrace.

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