Rumour: Talkin ’bout Your Generation


TV Tonight hears chatter about revisiting Talkin’ ‘bout Your Generation -but put aside any talk of Shaun Micallef returning to the hosting role.

ITV Studios Australia owns the format rights to the show that aired on TEN from 2009 – 2012.

Micallef, who has just wrapped arguably his best-run of Mad as Hell on ABC (also for ITV), understandably prefers to work on his own projects and is readying for production on his new comedy The Ex-PM. Former panelist Charlie Pickering is also tied up with his new series, The Weekly.

Any revival of the format would thus entail a significant revamp.

That would probably mean a new name such as Next Generation -and (according to some chatter) possibly even a new network, such as Nine.

Anita (Jacoby, Managing Director, ITV Studios Australia) currently attending MIPTV in Cannes told TV Tonight, “Talkin’ ‘bout Your Generation is a timeless home-grown entertainment format.

“Naturally we’d love to see it back on-air.”


  1. In hindsight, there was nothing particularly remarkable about the format, but Shaun made it funny, and the format will not succeed without him, particularly if they employ a Nine “personality” to host.

    I think Joel Creasey is much too snarky to be able to host this sort of format, but I can imagine him replacing Josh Thomas. Chrissie Swan could fill Charlie Pickering’s shoes. And while we’re at it, Maureen McCormick for Baby Boomer?

  2. Any attempt at remaking this would be doomed to fail. The original cast (especially Shaun) are what made the show. And putting it on Channel Nine doesn’t help either.

  3. The chemistry between Shaun and Josh was exceptional. With smart casting it could work again but the brilliance of Shaun will be hard to match.

  4. The Show probably want work without Shaun Micallef or Josh – Please don’t put it on 9 it would be disasterous if they had Eddie McGuire or Karl Stephanovic as the host – They should have a real commedian as host

  5. Love the show and would love to see it back.
    I just don’t see it without Shaun….. I think the generation leads could be replaced but Shaun is integral to the show.

    I’d miss the Shaun/Josh banter especially.

  6. No! Don’t put Next Generation to Nine. That would stuff up the ratings. Just stick to Ten and get a different host to run the show. And bring back Amanda, Charlie and Josh. They are doing pretty well.

  7. Shaun, Charlie, Josh and Amanda made the show, not the format, which honestly was a bit ropey and loose at times. I dread the thought of Channel 9 getting it and one of their entertainment dynamos like Scott Cam or Karl Stefanovic hosting…

    • Secret Squïrrel

      Hah, yeah. Scott Cam as host, with Richard Wilkins, Hamish Blake, and some nobody from Big Brother or The Mitre 10 Advertorial as the team leaders.

  8. It’s worth a go, it was great right until the end, the only reason it stopped rating is because of the amount of repeats ten played year-round. Now it’s had a break people will be un-sick of it. I think all the team leaders are replaceable but it wouldn’t be the same without Shaun.

  9. This is another that would only work with the original. Don’t they know what happened to spicks and specks.
    Don’t think it would work with anyone else. Those four made it funny.

  10. Please, learn from the ill-fated ‘Spicks and Specks’ revival. When a prior production a) is fresh in our memories (in the non-Woolworths way), and b) has run its course, it’s nothing but lingering axe fodder.

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