Axed: The Following, State of Affairs, Stalker.


More decisions from the US sees the axe fall on more shows, airing in Australia on Seven and Nine.

State of Affairs starring Katherine Heigl is no more, ending its run at 13 episodes. The series, which ended last week in Australia, finished in the US with 4.5 million viewers and disappointing reviews.

Dylan McDermott loses yet another series as Stalker is cut down by CBS. The Kevin Williamson drama finishes with a 20 episode run.

In a double blow for Williamson, his other crime series The Following was also axed after 3 seasons. The Kevin Bacon series wraps with 45 episodes. While it still pulls 5.5 million viewers including Timeshifted, same-day showings have dwindled.

Also axed were Backstrom, About a Boy, Marry Me, One Big Happy, Constantine and Battle Creek by Vince Gilligan.

Source: Hollywood Reporter


  1. State of Affairs was absolutely awful. Not surprised it only got one season. Katherine Heigl is a terrible actress, I have never understood the hype surrounding her.

  2. Dantheman84

    It seems lately that Dylan McDermott is becoming a kiss of death. Really liked stalker and the following rest I don’t care about.David do you know anything about Jennifer love Hewett apparently being fired or not renewed on criminal minds?

  3. i love Stalker and State of Affairs. those 2 shows are good.
    Hey David do you know when Channel 9 will return CSI Season 15 to their screens and has that show been cancelled as well. have you also heard anything about Blue Bloods

  4. I didn’t bother with The Following season 3 after the lame way season 2 ended. Stalker was a good show that got better with each episode after the first 2 or 3 episodes were rather dodgy

    I won’t miss any of the others,they were all marked for cancellation a while ago from TVByTheNumbers

  5. shadow3lite

    Constantine is a great show it shouldn’t of been on NBC & it shouldn’t of been on a Friday night NBC screwed up its a show that should of been on CW or Netflix or Showtime

  6. Oh I quite liked Battle Creek and The Following. I also did like Stalker and Constantine but it was quite clear that they weren’t going to be renewed.

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