Logies 2015: Random Acts of Carpetness


It was a Red Carpet with plunging necklines, sequins, suits, tartan, drag queens, screaming fans and flash photography.

The Logies Red Carpet is the biggest of its kind in the country and as media jostle for 90 seconds with the talent, it’s wasted asking,  “Who are you wearing?” and “Who do you think will win?”

Here’s what TV Tonight threw to the A-listers with limited time. And even a few B-listers.



The Loop‘s Scott Tweedie on the kind of primetime show he would love to host one day:

“When the right gig comes around, I’m ready!

“The big shiny shows of course, or my ultimate dream: why can’t someone bring another weekend family-orientated fun show? You get to involve celebrities, humour, Saturday Night Take-Away style from the UK.”


Anthony Callea on Gogglebox:

“I didn’t get it. I thought it was one of the most stupid things ever.”

Tim Campbell: “I think it’s too close to home. We kind of (do our own) Gogglebox when we have friends over.”


Has Devil’s Playground inspired Simon Burke to produce again?

“People get the acting bug, but I think I have the producing bug. I would like to think this won’t be the only screen work I will produce and I’m looking at other projects. But I have to be careful because it’s not my profession, so unless it’s something that is absolutely spot on I won’t do it.

“This is a terrible thing to say but I didn’t realise how creative it would be to produce.”

Neighbours‘ Jackie Woodburne on finding the time to feature in the podcast series, Night Terrace:

“We’re doing another series, so it’s been very successful. It’s all crowd-funded. The boys that are doing it are the Splendid Chaps and they’re a very talented bunch of guys.

“For things like that you make time. It’s an opportunity to do something else, and you work with talented young performers, so I’m happy to do it.”


Nine News‘ Peter Hitchener on his long track record of Logie attendances:

“I started coming in the mid ‘70s when I first joined Channel Nine and I missed one because of the Beaconsfield mine tragedy.

“It’s an event that’s a bit daunting when you think about it. The Red Carpet is one of the most difficult experiences of your life because it’s so chaotic. However, you get through that and the rest is great fun to catch up with people you see once a year.”


Shaynna Blaze on The Block‘s record auction result:

“It was probably one of the hardest Blocks there’s ever been because it was intense emotionally for the contestants and the judges. There were a lot of highs and lows so to get a reward like that was the cherry on top.

Andrew Winter on whether the reserves on The Block were set too low:

“Yes they were. But how lucky for the people who won?”

Filming on Season 9 of Selling Houses Australia begins in June, with 86 episodes under their belt the duo are hoping for 14 new episodes to hit a round 100.

And Shaynna Blaze on TV Tonight‘s very own suggestion for next season’s poster: ‘Winter is Coming.’

“I think that’s so good, I love it!”







Wentworth‘s Nicole da Silva on their growing international success:

“We’ve been getting global press. It’s resonating around the world, which is really nice.

“It’s been touted as good as, if not better than Orange is the new Black. We’re the most popular show on Netflix. It’s very cool. “


Kat Stewart on reuniting with Offspring cast, and unending questions about the show’s future in limbo:

“I pine for them, to be honest with you. I miss them.

“I tend to think you guys know more than we do, generally speaking. We had a good run, regardless. If it happens, great, but if it doesn’t we had a really good run.

“I’m very fatalistic about these things.”




Kerri-Anne Kennerley on whether she would ever host the Logies:

“Nobody’s asked me but I tell you it’s a hiding to nothing.

“A lot of people who have hosted try to be really funny. It’s a tough crowd. They just need somebody to link it. Don’t get out there and try to be a comedian. Link it, link it, link it!”




Dr. Chris Brown on his incredibly busy year:

“I’ve almost finished shooting Bondi Vet. There’s still a lot of The Living Room to work on and hopefully I get a break at some stage. It really hasn’t stopped. But I guess that’s why I’m a Celebrity was great, it was kind of a break but it was so different.”


Josh Thomas on having to film Please Like Me the next morning and where Season 3 may go:

“It’s tomorrow! Otherwise I would get drunk. I will have to just sit there and watch.

“It gets a bit darker, which wasn’t intended. It’s just where we got to. But there’s romance, hot boys –not that many.


NB: Keep your eyes peeled for a few more quotes that will be published separately!


  1. well just when i had given up on watching the Bogie awards it looks like it was actually worth watching this year, a better effort than previous? i am only going on footage all over the ch9 morning show etc.

    • I think she was just following the official line. If she acknowledges it is over she would be probably be having follow-up conversations. Sadly these unanswered questions will just continue until there is finality.

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